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After a tragic separation from his friends, one man was lost and alone with no food or supplies for weeks in the heart of the treacherous Amazon jungle, and in the midst of the worst rainy season in decades.

This inspiring keynote experience is based on Jungle, an international bestseller by Yossi Ghinsberg. The book has also been made into a documentary produced by the Discovery Channel and a feature film, directed by Greg McLean and starred Daniel Radcliffe of the Harry Potter movie.

A key insight from Yossi’s harrowing story is that the law of the jungle itself relies on collaboration. Working cleverly with changing conditions, he was able to think of innovative ideas vital to his survival. Yossi challenges organisations to think about how they can apply collaborative thinking to move out of the limiting mindset of pure competition where teamwork can thrive.

Learning Outline

In this powerful presentation, you will:

  • move away from competition into a collaborative mindset, into one that fosters innovation and ultimately, survival;
  • explore how adversity is part of life; being a victim is a matter of choice and following your business survival instincts will often lead to success;
  • adapt to your changing circumstances and roles to forge teamwork;
  • be co-creators within the wider team and organisation;
  • face your fears and look for innovative ways to embrace change to achieve your desired outcomes; and
  • be motivated to become an everyday hero in your life and at work.


YOSSI GHINSBERG is a master storyteller with an epic story to share. Lost and alone in the midst of the Amazon rainforest for three weeks, he not only survived, but found a new meaning for his life and work.

Each of his messages is wrapped in riveting and original stories of adventure and resilience. Yossi recounts his tales and life’s learning so vividly and authentically that audiences feel as if they are right there with him.

Yossi is the author of the international bestseller Jungle, now a major motion picture which starred Daniel Radcliffe of the Harry Potter movie. He was recently rated as one of the top 10 business speakers. Years of experience as a business keynote speaker has honed his topic that inspires and sows seeds of growth and positive transformation. Over the years, Yossi has shared the stage with many of the world’s eminent public speakers, most notably Wayne Dyer, Richard Branson and Bill Clinton.


What People Say

“I feel like I have made a new friend. We are very pleased, as you know, with your presentation. Thank you for your candor and honesty and for your easy working relationship.” - BMW

"Yossi is the ultimate blow them away, bring the house down kind of speaker.” - ODE Management

“Spectacular, inspiring, emotional, breathtaking, all of these and more have been used by delegates who were privileged to hear you.” - American Express


Top 3 Reasons to Attend the SIM Transformation Series

1. Get Inspired and give your motivation a boost

A live motivational keynote from personalities who have ‘been there and done that’.  This is by far, the most powerful way to directly impact someone’s thoughts, words and behavior. It would be impossible for you to leave without feeling inspired and triggered to transform your life.

2. Shake things up  

Our keynotes are about real stories and real people who have surmounted tough challenges. If you have a big dream for the next level in your life, this sharing will give you a kickstart and jolt you into action.

​3. Invest in yourself and meet like-minded individuals

Expand your mind and grow your resilience to give even more energy, knowledge, and ideas. And there is nothing more infectious like being in a room of like-minded people. You get to meet the who’s who in the community and learn from key influencers and peers who face the same challenges as you do.




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