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SIM Professional Development (SIM PD) is the leading provider for adult learning, training and development for corporate and career development. We provide a wide range of quality executive programmes, corporate training, seminar and workshops in areas of soft skills training, leadership training, sales training, management training, personal effectiveness & productivity, project management training, strategy execution and forumation.

SIM professional Interest Groups (IGs) bring together industry experts, practitioners, scholars, students, officials and others to foster the study of the various disciplines and promote best business practices and industry trends to members, audiences and public at large.

Through talks, workshops, company visits (local and overseas), social meetings and convention; these activities are planned and coordinated by members for members and organised on a regular basis.

Our signature event each year is the Singapore Management Festival. The 3-day immersive event brings together the world’s best management thinkers, top game changers, local and international business leaders to share thought-provoking ideas on best practices and management trends that are essential in an ever-changing and unpredictable business landscape. It includes a full-day programme with sessions hosted by different IGs on topics ranging from information technology, human resource, marketing, organisation development, strategic management and communication skills, etc.

The SIM IGs remain an integral part of continuing development for our members and they provide invaluable opportunities for professional knowledge sharing and networking. IGs activities are organised with members’ professional interests and needs in mind. Since 1990, the IGs’ membership has grown to more than 1,500 members.

Interest Group Subscription Fee Table
Biennial Subscription Fee per Interest Group (excluding Toastmasters Clubs)*
S$20.00 (SIM Individual Member), or
S$30.00 (Staff of SIM Corporate Member)

*A 75% rebate of the Interest Group Membership Subscription fees in the form of a voucher will be given to you when you join the Interest Groups (excluding SIM Toastmasters Clubs). This rebate is limited to a maximum of three Interest Groups membership.

Subscription Fee for Toastmasters Clubs#
S$50.00 (One-time entrance fee)
S$174.00 half-yearly fee (for SIM I and II Toastmasters Clubs)
S$216.00 one-year fee (for SIM Mandarin Toastmasters Club)

#Subscription fee includes admission to Chapter Meetings held twice a month and membership to Toastmasters International. Intending Toastmasters members must attend at least two Chapter Meetings as guests before applying for Toastmasters membership.


  • All fees stated include 7% prevailing GST.
  • All Interest Group subscription fees are based on the calendar year and there is no pro-rating of subscription fee, except for Toastmasters Clubs.
  • Interest Group Membership will cease upon cessation of SIM Membership.
Business Management Group [企业管理学会]

To sharpen members' business management skills and help members optimise their professional performance and potential.

企业管理学会通过举办华语企业管理讲座和交流活动, 以增进会员的管理知识和技能。同时也提供康乐活动。

Human Capital Interest Group
To promote continuous learning and experience exchange in the best practices of human capital management contextually in tandem with changing business needs in VUCA environment.
Innovation & Quality Management Group
Envisions to be the premier network of practitioners to embrace quality and innovative concepts, and methodologies, among organisations and individuals in Singapore.
Information Technology Group
To promote the use of IT in sharpening one’s competitive edge in the marketplace by providing a network for information exchange.
The Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management Group
To promote keen leadership, entrepreneurship and strategic skills for that edge in business.
SIM I Toastmasters Club

To help members sharpen their communication, presentation and leadership skills, through enjoyable and interactive programmes.

Please click here for details of the chapter meetings.

SIM II Toastmasters Club

To help members sharpen their communication, presentation and leadership skills, through enjoyable and interactive programmes.

Please click here for details of the chapter meetings.

SIM Mandarin Toastmasters Club [新加坡管理学院华语讲演会]

To sharpen members' communication, presentation and leadership skills to effectively express thoughts, ideas and opinions.

新加坡管理学院讲演会通过每个月两次的例常活动, 提供一个互相交流与切磋的机会给爱好讲演艺术的朋友。同时也能在有趣的活动中学习领导技能, 培养自信心及广交朋友, 以提升个人修养。

Please click here for details of the chapter meetings.