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Think On Your Feet ® - Remote Learning
- Presenting Your Ideas with Clarity, Brevity, Impact

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think on your feet ® - remote learning


Think on Your Feet® is Clear Messaging
Now, more than ever, we need to be clear, brief, and memorable in our verbal communications. To save time, and to be understood. 
Think on Your Feet® will help you do that, immediately.
When answering questions, sharing ideas, or contributing in meetings.
How Does It Work?
Clear speaking is clear thinking.  And clear thinking means organizing your thoughts.
Think on Your Feet® Virtual offers 6 structures that help you visualize and organize your ideas quickly – even under pressure.

And by putting your information in formation, it makes it so much easier for your listener to understand and then act on it.

Benefits to You

You: Being clear, brief, and memorable in your communications is critical.  You stand out.

  • Save time, energy and money
  • Less time in virtual & face to face meetings
  • Less energy preparing what to say – and much less energy for your listeners to understand you
  • Less money spent trying to clarify everything – be understood the first time

Learning Outcomes
1.  Gain confidence and become more persuasive
2.  Respond to difficult situations on the spot
3.  Get to the point and be memorable
4.  Deliver sensitive information
5.  Guide your listener’s response
6.  Stay in control of the conversation
7.  Ensure your message gets across 
8.  Speed up exchange of ideas and information

The two-day, virtual instructor-led workshop includes four modules of learning with interactive tools, group discussion, and breakout sessions. Each module is followed by  small group focused practice with facilitator feedback to further develop and strengthen participant’s skills using Think on Your Feet®.

Programme Outline

Practice, coaching and feedback on how to:
1.  Explain complex information simply and clearly using Basic Structures
2.  Communicate ideas persuasively with Assertive Structures
3.  Manage difficult questions skillfully with Bridging Techniques

Day 1
Morning: Module 1 (9.15am-12.00pm)

  • Getting to the Point – Learn techniques on how to structure your ideas simply and clearly. Identify different informal situations and adjust accordingly.
  • Presenting Your Ideas – Use three-part plans to place your ideas into a simple, unifying structure. Learn how to slow down and organize your thoughts to answer questions fast.
  • When You’re Caught Off Guard – Learn how to deal with difficult, high-stake conversations. Make sense out of a mass of facts and explain step-by-step processes. Clearly.

Afternoon: Module 2 (1.30pm-4.30pm)

  • Handling Questions Quickly & Clearly– By following the “Rule of Three’s” you’ll learn to create logical pegs to hang your thoughts on. We also teach you how to close arguments effectively.
  • Using Visual Pegs as Your Structure–Visual representation will be used to support complex topics. We’ll teach you how to add depth to your message and become more memorable.
  • Divide Information in Aspects or Perspectives – Address issues from different viewpoints. Here you practice expressing thoughtfulness and objectivity within your argument.

Day 2
Morning: Module 3 (9.15am-12.00pm)

  • Bridging from Question to Answer - Earn time, and respect, to answer the question correctly. In this module, we teach you how to handle tough questions with clarity and impact.
  • Expanding Your Listener’s Perspective -Learn how to move from small details to the big picture, handle sensitive information and counter sweeping generalizations.

Afternoon: Module 4 (1.30pm-4.30pm)

  • Moving Two Opposing Viewpoints to a Middle Ground – Deal with controversial topics by negotiating a win-win outcome.Learn how to move to action and achieve results.
  • Selling the Benefits of Your Ideas –Show advantages to your listener by presenting benefits, not features. Here, we teach you how to employ the “So What?” test.
  • Putting it All Together – Drills,Q&A practice, picking structures quickly, action plans and final summary. 

Who Must Attend

(Level 1) Administrative & Support     
(Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers     
(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers

Programme Leader
Phil Day began his career in telecommunications, where he gained extensive experience in management, sales and marketing.  His clients include Telstra, AXA, KPMG and the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board.  He brings to his workshops a rich business background, wide international experience and excellent facilitation skills.

Sharmini Suthan is the Managing Director of a consultancy firm. Armed with an MBA in Strategic Management from the Strathclyde Graduate Business School and with 20 years of experience in training, Ms Suthan has worked with spokespeople, including diplomats, managing directors and CEOs, to handle a variety of communication situations – major presentations and handling the media. She thoroughly enjoys working in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, China, United States of America and United Kingdom.

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