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Practical Resilience For Leaders

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practical resilience for leaders


Life throws challenges to test us and presents opportunities for us to realise our true potential. Resilience sharpens and focuses our ability to bounce back, steer through adversity and exercise our talents in a meaningful way.  Although genetics and environment do have some influence over resilience, studies have shown that resilience can be learnt and practiced by all of us.  

In this programme, drawing on the best of sports science, military field, neurobiology, medicine, psychology, and emotional intelligence, you will explore the high road leading to resilient leadership. You will unlock the biological resources of your body, heart, mind and spirit, and build practical resilience competencies to live and work productively without compromising health and happiness. In other words, you will unlock your human potential and performance, sustainably.

Benefits to You

Business Outcome(s)
Equip leaders with practical tools and competencies that will maintain or grow their performance levels and personal well-being (physical, emotional and mental). Ultimately, helping them build high performance sustainable teams and organisations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase pressure tolerance and stress mastery, ensuring that the pace of growth and change generates more optimal stress and less negative stress,
  • Improve your physical vitality and long-term recovery capabilities,
  • Harness the power of emotions, building trust, fostering collaboration and creativity,
  • Develop a focused, constructive and decisive mind

Programme Outline

Stress Mastery

  • Physiology: Stress and performance

  • Downward spiral  and bounce back

  • Attention control

  • Optimal performance state

Physical Vitality

  • Secure physical energy through lifestyle management
  • Optimising Sleep
  • Integral daily practice

Performance Mindset

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Impulse control
  • Emotion regulation
  • Thinking styles
  • Realistic optimism
  • Reframing performance

This programme includes a pre and post ‘Resilience Diagnostic’.

Who Must Attend
Level 4 - Managers
Level 5 - Senior Managers & Directors
Programme Leader
Manish Arneja is passionate about helping leaders build change capacity, resilience, and trust in their organisations. He uses various personal effectiveness, leadership and organisational development approaches to support the leaders and their organisations. 
Manish has 16 years of experience in Organisational Development and Leadership Effectiveness within multinational environments. He also specialises in coaching leaders to develop resilience skills, designing and facilitating team alignment sessions, implementing large-scale change and culture alignment projects, and embedding behavioural changes.
Prior to joining The Resilience Institute, Manish was Regional General Manager (Asia, Middle East, Africa) for Organisational Development for Fonterra, a top tier multinational consumer goods company. He held professional positions at other firms including Diageo, EY, SABMiller, BAT, and designed interventions scaling from individual’s development to regional teams engagement and alignment.
Manish has worked with senior level executives in 11 countries within Asia and Europe. With the broad global experience as both an internal and external consultant, his forte lies in doing a deep diagnosis and building trust with clients, regardless of level, industry or geography. 
Manish holds a MBA from Asian Institute of Management and a post-graduate qualifications in Organisational Development from Heriot-Watt University, UK.  He is a Certified Change Management Practitioner, Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and Executive Coach (Ontological Coaching). He is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner and qualified in DiSC, Emotional Intelligence Trainer Certification. Manish is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and International Association of Facilitators (IAF).
Manish has delivered keynotes on managing change and resilience at various conferences including HR Summit, Change and Talent Conferences in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, UK and Malaysia.

Thierry Moschetti is the Managing Director of The Resilience Institute in Singapore and in the UK, an integrated network of Resilience experts operating across eight countries in Asia, Europe and North America. He has 20 years of team management, business development and training experience in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia where he has been living since 2004. Prior to establishing the Resilience Institute in Singapore, he was the regional general manager in charge of Greater China for a British listed organisation.

Thierry holds an MSc in Management, is a WDA certified ACTA trainer and assessor, a certified trainer in Emotional Intelligence and Qigong, an ancient Chinese practice that combines gentle body movements with awareness and breathing for energy and relaxation.

Recent client assignments include keynotes, workshops, coaching programmes and consulting services for organisations like ANZ, AXA, DHL, Ford, HSBC, Kelly Services, P&G, PwC, and Shell. He is a passionate Taichi practitioner and an active runner. 



“This programme is so different from other leadership programmes that I was not sure what to expect at first. But this is truly the foundation to a successful and sustainable career. More importantly, if CEOs want to create a sustainable business and a great work organisational culture, this is the first place to start.”

Andrea Studnik, Regional L&D Director & CampusHead, AXA AP


“Thought provoking, relevant, practical and actionable. I was able to immediately benefit from the increased awareness. This course is worth the investment, it helps one realise that the challenge of our world today is not going away and is universal. How we can deal with it and how we manage our own wellbeing is within our control.So instead of resisting the change, learning how to deal with it is far more sustainable.” 

Serene Tan, Manager, Shell Singapore


“Thierry provided deep insights on how to improve resilience in my personal and professional life. His 2 days training was a comprehensive solution where I learnt very practical drills and down to earth tips that I have been using since then in my everyday life. Thierry has a great ability to transfer his knowledge and get his audience involved. He managed to create a positive environment where you feel free to share with others. I would definitely recommend him to those who want to be more performant in their professional and personal lives.”

Sebastien Normand,Managing Director, Resources Global Professionals Singapore


“A holistic insight into who you are today - and what you could be doing, well indeed should be doing - in order to make the "bounce back" from any adversity faster and more effectively. A very timely intervention for those in mid-careers / senior executives who have "no time" to stop! It was a wow for me!” 

Managing Director,leading recruiting firm



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