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7 Keys To Winning In The Workplace
Previously known as 'Global Executive Mindset (G.E.M.™)'

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7 keys to winning in the workplace


It used to be that hardwork and intelligence got you where you want to be. In today’s global stage, functional expertise and business results remain essential, but displaying leadership potential, being confident and getting noticed in a cutthroat environment are crucial attributes to your next promotion and success. Do you rise to the challenge on occasions or are you held back by self-limiting thoughts even though you are capable? This programme employs success psychology and a behavioral approach to change mindsets and prepare you mentally, emotionally and skills-wise to connect and stand out!

Benefits to You

Business Outcome

Participants will identify and practise using appropriate skills at critical moments through “switching” their mental modes. The programme then helps build capabilities and skills to make a difference instantly by pushing participants from good to great, and creating the necessary professional brand and persona in the corporate environment.

Learning Outcome

• Gain practical skills to enhance personal effectiveness, to stand out and exude competence and confidence in leading, managing and working in your organisation
• Employ the G.E.M.™  philosophy to overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours and become competent on a global, diverse platform.
• Develop behavioral change through mindset shift, integrate diverse values and business practices and be socially competent with changing audience and social platforms
• Develop skills to speak up, push back and express yourself confidently and clearly
• Connect personally and professionally, build trust and contribute through taking ownership and influencing corporate decisions

Programme Outline

• Be ready as a global executive - Changing minds and changing behaviors
• Overcoming your personal blocks to success
• The G.E.M.™ Philosophy: 7 facets to winning in the workplace
• Building independent behavioral facets: From connecting to communicating confidently
• Building inter-dependent behavioral facets: From building trust to creating success in others
• Putting it all together - The Discipline of Practice : From amateurs to professionals

Who Must Attend

(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers
(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors

Programme Leader

Stephen Krempl is an international trainer, speaker and author of five books including The 5% Zone: How to Stand Out as a Global Leader. He is an expert in helping leaders stand out and be noticed in an increasingly competitive global market place. Mr Krempl has worked with leaders from over 30 countries. His 25-year career includes working for Fortune 500 companies such as Starbucks Coffee Company, YUM Brands, PepsiCo Restaurants (Dallas) and Motorola (Singapore).

Mr Krempl is the creator of the Global Executive MindsetTM (G.E.M.) programme which focuses on developing high potential and future leaders. He is currently sharing G.E.M. through an online platform called Winning in the Work World that enable university students to understand what is expected of them both at their internships and the workplace.




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