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Organising Yourself For Maximum Effectiveness

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organising yourself for maximum effectiveness

The feeling of being overwhelmed by work is more often caused by a disorganised approach than by the amount or difficulty of the work. By having critical information readily available to you when you need it, you can better manage your time, people and projects. This can only be done more effectively if you match your organising tools with your work style and work needs. Integrate what you have to do, what you want to do and how you function as a person into an efficient and highly flexible system.

In this way you will have your work system be a stable force in your life around which you can manage the ever changing challenges you face daily. Developing good routine habits around your work system will help you be more effective and keep you on target with your work and personal goals.

Benefits to You

Business Outcome(s)

This programme helps participants to gain insight into themselves and how best to organise their work. Be deciding what tools and techniques will best help them carry out their responsibilities; they will be under less stress that too often causes absenteeism and health problems which in the end costs lost time and revenue.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand how internal vs. external time management problems affect how you work.
  • Apply techniques for effectively managing, emails, paper flow, and information retrieval.
  • Clarify and organise all the things that command your attention.
  • Solve the problem of know how to choose the next best action.
  • Identify key factors for making tough choices about where to expend time and energy.
Programme Outline

  • Recognise and build on your strengths and let your habits serve you
  • Identify the causes of procrastination and remedies for solution
  • Success factors for job satisfaction
  • Clarifying your areas of responsibility
  • Learn specific ways to guarantee that things do not fall through the cracks
  • Learn how to make your desk user friendly
  • Create a filing system in which information and resources can be easily retrieved
  • Match your technological tool levels to your work needs
  • Review a few forms that can aid you in managing projects, people, and meetings
  • Dealing with things that are important, but have no time for
  • Cast off familiar and comfortable yet unproductive activities
  • Making time for personal development
Who Must Attend
Level 1 - Administrative & Support
Level 2 - Supervisors, Executives, & Emerging Managers &
Level 3 - New Managers and anyone who needs to manage others. People with potential for managerial responsibilities will also benefit.
Programme Leader

Lynn Hayden, MBTI certified, is a management consultant based in Austin, Texas, USA. She specializes in personal management and work organization systems. She has spent more than 20 years working with public and private organizations, helping individuals and departments increase productivity by enhancing personal work styles.

Lynn’s individual clients include administrators, teachers, lawyers, salespeople, artists, entrepreneurs, students, real estate agents and public officials, among others. Her corporate clients include people at every level of an organization -- board of directors, advisory councils, directors, managers, supervisors, line staff, clerical staff and volunteers.



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