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Creativity And Innovation Applied
- Creativity on Demand to Develop Better Solutions - Faster !

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creativity and innovation applied


Designed for a broad range of personnel, such as managers, team leaders and specialists, this programme explores how Deliberate Cre8ive Thinking� is applied to promote innovation.

  • understand a simple process for effective application of new thinking techniques and be able to use a number of thinking tools to find innovative solutions to business challenges

  • be able to use creative thinking tools to contribute more to business improvement activities and pro-actively address potential problems

  • have the ability to develop bold new ideas that support organisational innovation

  • work more creatively as individuals and participate effectively in work groups and on project teams

Benefits to You
Business Outcome(s)
This programme is designed to give participants insights, tools, and training that deliver real business outcomes.
By attending this interactive workshop style programme participants will walk away with improved critical and creative thinking skills. These will allow them to solve problems faster, realize emerging opportunities more fully, and contribute to their organisation’s drive for innovation.

The methods and techniques participants will learn in this workshop, will allow them to immediately contribute to the success of their organisation.

Learning Outcomes
Organisations that apply critical thinking principles embodied in the  Deliberate Cre8ive Thinking methodology will:
  • they will have the knowledge to creatively deal with complex situations and make better and faster decisions
  • have methods they can apply to have significantly more productive and creative meetings in an effective collaborative team environment
  • be able to synthesise and integrate a wide range of information and data to propose, plan, manage and implement solutions thoroughly and effectively
  • able to generate  and assess innovative ideas to effectively manage costs and support the growth of the top-line of the business
  • identify and prevent potential problems from developing and promote innovative ideas that support business goals

Programme Outline
  • Rational Problem Solving
    • A look at the strengths and weaknesses of traditional problem solving methods, and how creative thinking can make them more effective
  • The Applied Creativity and Innovation Process
    • A simple process for analysing challenges, and then finding innovative solutions using Deliberate Cre8ive Thinking
  • Creativity on Demand
    • Shows individuals and teams how to focus their creative energy when and where it is needed to solve real challenges
  • Tools for Deliberate Creative Thinking
    • Provides simple but effective tools for exploring problems quickly and effectively as well as a range of techniques that are proven to generate solutions that work
  • Application and Action
    • Applying creativity to daily issues is the key to success and this programme uses a case study to demonstrate techniques learnt
  •  Where to Go from here ?
    • An action plan to focus on creative problem solving
Who Must Attend
Level 2 - Supervisors, Executives, & Emerging Managers
Level 3 - New Managers &
Level 4 - Managers

Programme Leader

W J (Bill) Jarrard is the founder of Mindwerx International and Co-Director of the Buzan Centre:Australia/NZ. Known as the Chief Imagineer, mainly because of his unique ability to help companies imagine what they might become and to then assist them in achieving their vision, Bill consults to all types of organisations in Strategic Thinking, Continuous Improvement, Creativity and Innovation. 

Holding a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Bill has significant experience in de Bono creative thinking tools, as well as Buzan advanced learning skills.  Bill uses Deliberate Cre8ive Th!nking to help organisations achieve success through Leadership in Innovation.  For the last 10 years Bill was convenor/lecturer of the Creativity & Innovation module of the Master of Entrepreneur-ship and Innovation (MEI) program run by Swinburne University-AGSE.  He has also run this program in Israel from 2000 to 2008, and regularly presents Mindwerx programs throughout Asia.

Jennifer Goddard is Director of the Buzan Centre: Australia/NZ and co-founder of Mindwerx International. A professional speaker and advisor, Jennifer works with a wide variety of organisations and schools in Australia, NZ, UK and Asia.  One of only four Master Trainers in Buzan’s Mind Mapping® technique, she mentors a network of more than 70 trainers and has a passion for mental literacy, whole brain thinking, holanthropy (the study of interrelated functions of the brain and body), and multiple intelligences. 

Holding a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Jennifer coaches in Advanced Learning Techniques, including Speed Reading and Memory, and personally works with Tony Buzan around the world.  She is also practiced in de Bonos serious creativity techniques and a qualified administrator of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)®

Interestingly, Jennifer is the convenor of the Australian Memory Championships, and is Chief Operations manager of the World Memory Sports Council and the World Championships.

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