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Storytelling - A Powerful Tool To Inspire & Influence Change
Previously known as "Organisational Storytelling for Success"

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storytelling - a powerful tool to inspire & influence change


What is your experience of persuading people to change, adopt a new mindset, buy a product, or simply see your point of view?  Many people try to do so by explaining the rationale and selling benefits, often armed with supporting data. While important, logical analysis and objective data rarely inspire or connect with people. Sharing purposeful stories is a powerful way to connect with people emotionally, capturing their imagination and making things real in a way that hard facts cannot.

Benefits to You

Be equipped with a powerful communication tool to positively influence the desired behaviours of employees and clients.  Your enhanced communication skill will naturally contribute to higher staff morale, productivity, improved client engagement and ultimately better business performance.

• Understand how stories build credibility and connect emotionally with people
• Develop purposeful stories to achieve organisational goals
• Build your own story bank
• Improve your storytelling skills through feedback in a safe environment

Participants will receive a starter pack of story ideas to draw upon and build your own stories.

As a post-programme support, you may submit an additional organisational story within one month of the class for the programme leader’s feedback.

Programme Outline

• The Power of Storytelling -Logos, Ethos and Pathos
• What is Organisational Storytelling?
• Telling the Right Story
• Identifying purpose and aligning with audience
• Finding and scripting a story
• Avoiding common pitfalls
• Telling the Story Right
• Positive vs negative stories; Direct vs indirect stories
• Organisational applications and case studies
• The Finer and Final Points

Who Must Attend
(Level 2) Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers
(Level 3) New Managers
(Level 4) Managers
Programme Leader

Mrs Loke Sai Keng provides training and consultancy service with particular focus on Organisational Storytelling.

A specialist in learning and development, Sai Keng developed and facilitated a broad range of leadership, communication and customer service courses during her corporate career with two major local banks.  As the head of learning and development, she successfully led her team to put in place a comprehensive suite of learning programmes which won accolades for its strong business alignment and best practices. 

Mrs Loke also has experience in designing and implementing various organisational change efforts including service culture building, job redesign, and employee engagement programmes.

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