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Powerful Presentations
- Inspire, Lead and Sell Your Message with Impact!

SIM Professional Development (SIM PD) is the leading provider for adult learning, training and development for corporate and career development. We provide a wide range of quality executive programmes, corporate training, seminar and workshops in areas of soft skills training, leadership training, sales training, management training, personal effectiveness & productivity, project management training, strategy execution and forumation.

powerful presentations


This programme delivers learning directly relevant to on-the-job situations that participants face. It focuses on helping participants to clarify their specific messaging needs and applying relevant techniques for impactful presentations.

Benefits to You

Compelling presentations can help increase company revenues by inspiring clients to buy and increase business leads by positioning your product or service to stand out from your competitors’. Powerful presentations also reduce organisational miscommunication and create a positive client experience.

• Improve your ability to identify essential messages and develop compelling presentations that meet audience and business needs
• Apply techniques to manage stage fright and stress prior to and during presentations
• Engage the audience though Accelerated Learning (AL) techniques
• Apply strategies to turn around difficult questions and take control during an emotional hijack

Programme Outline

• Presentation styles and adaption strategies
• Personal Impact – Creating impression through verbal, visual and vocal
• Messaging – The ACT Messaging Tool™
• Presentation Structure – The ACT 10 Step Cycle™
• Using visual aids and creating storyboards
• Turning challenges to your advantage
• The power of your voice – voice ‘Airobics’
• Mindfulness techniques for dealing with Stage fright
• Hands on delivery, 'drilled' practice, reviews and personal development plan 

As part of the training and learning during the course, photography and/or video-recording of participants in action will be done

Who Must Attend
(Level 2) Supervisors, Executives & Emerging Managers
(Level 3) New Managers
(Level 4) Managers
Programme Leader

Paula Marcondes is the founder and principal consultant of a consultancy. Ms Marcondes is an insightful and dynamic consultant with 16 years of experience in corporate training and 5 years of experience in the executive coaching arenas conducting needs analysis, programme planning, curriculum development and facilitation of programmes in the areas of leadership and management development, business communications, sales and negotiation, professional image and customer service.

She has worked extensively with key players in the banking and finance, manufacturing, education, IT and electronics and pharmaceutical sectors - most of which are well-known multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies - and in the public sector - with government boards and government-owned organisations.


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Fee/Pax (S$)GST (S$) including GSTFee/Pax (S$)GST (S$) including GST
Normal Fees1500.00105.001605.001800.00126.001926.00
Early Bird Fees1350.0094.501444.501620.00113.401733.40
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Early Bird Fees closing date for the programme :  
Prog Scheduled DateRegister By  
27 - 29 Nov 201816 Oct 2018  
12 - 14 March 201929 Jan 2019  
14 - 16 May 20192 April 2019  
18 - 20 June 20197 May 2019  
3 - 5 Sept 201923 July 2019  
1 - 3 Oct 201920 Aug 2019  
26 - 28 Nov 201915 Oct 2019  

Enquiries : Grace Tan - 6248 9414 | 62466746,

Foreign participants sponsored by their companies, GST is not applicable. If payment is made by a Singapore-registered company, GST will apply.

Non-members are welcome to sign up for SIM membership to enjoy the discounted rate. To sign up for SIM Membership, please visit, email or call 6248 9489. To register for the programmes now, select the preferred programme run-dates below through the register icon. "Register", which will bring you to the registration page.

DateTimeVenueRegistration Closing Date 
01/10/2019 - 03/10/201909.00 am - 5.00 pmSIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue, Singapore 267616Sep 23, 2019 Register
26/11/2019 - 28/11/201909.00 am - 5.00 pmSIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue, Singapore 267616Nov 18, 2019 Register