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Powerful Business Writing For Executives

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powerful business writing for executives


Five to ten minutes – that is all it takes for a busy businessman to decide whether to study or discard your business proposal, or for a client to call you or not for a presentation about your product / service.

To distinguish your writing from that of your competitors, you need to write well, convincingly and with power too.

Benefits to You

By attending this programme, the organisation’s business cost will decrease as productivity increases.  Why? Participants will write better, faster and with greater customer- awareness. This is especially when the organisation has to deal with clients from different countries and cultures.

• apply essential principles of effective business writing
• generate ideas with creative tools and techniques
• distinguish  your company’s key factors in your writing
• write e-mails and use buffers for bad-news letters
• identify  and apply the stages of report or proposal writing
• create  powerful phrases for your paragraphs
• measure the clarity / fogginess of your writing
• evaluate and edit your own and your subordinates’ writing

Programme Outline

• Principles of Effective Writing 
        o completeness

o clarity

o conciseness

o concreteness

o courtesy

• Creative Tools for Thinking and Writing
        o creative thinking tools to generate ideas

o creative thinking tools to generate powerful phrases

• Writing Bad-News Letters / E-mails
o understanding readers’ needs

o using buffers

o applying writing principles

• Process of Proposal / Report Writing
        o analysing the client’s needs and constraints

o writing your goals

o investigating

o framing / shaping

o writing the document

• Editing
        o principles of editing

o verification of facts

o mechanics of writing

This programme is also applicable to (Level 1) administrative & support staff who are involved in business writing in their area of work.

Who Must Attend
(Level 1) Admin & Support
(Level 2) Supervisors, Executives, & Emerging Managers
(Level 3) New Managers
Programme Leader

Mary Soon, a dynamic trainer, has a MA in Adult and Tertiary Education. She was an adjunct lecturer with the Oklahoma City University and is a part-time lecturer with the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

Mrs Soon has many years of experience in teaching writing skills to managers, executives and professionals in many organisations, including SIM, MINDEF, DBS Bank, SingTel, Reuters Singapore, National Council of Social Services and Young Women Muslim Association. She has also trained in various ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Myanmar and Laos.


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Normal Fees727.60856.00
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25 & 26 Feb 2019 14 Jan 2019
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21 & 22 August 201910 July 2019
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Enquiries : Grace Tan - 6248 9414 | 62466746,

Foreign participants sponsored by their companies, GST is not applicable. If payment is made by a Singapore-registered company, GST will apply.

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