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How To Manage, Motivate And Lead A Winning Team

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how to manage, motivate and lead a winning team


Learn REAL WORLD ASIA’s key leadership essentials and systems approaches to boost productivity, lead individuals and teams, motivate different generations and different groups within your organisation, solve problems, delegate effectively, build teams, GROW your career, plus dozens of solid people skills. These are practical, real world techniques tested on more than 770 clients. This highly interactive programme is an expanded version of Michael’s book, Managing, Motivating, Maximising Teams in Asia (McGraw Hill).

Benefits to You


Use these proven, fresh, innovative leadership and management tools that have worked throughout Asia, to DOUBLE your employees’ productivity, create true teams, accomplish projects easier and on time, get people positively motivated while reducing employee costs and lower staff turnover. 


  • ­Avoid past problems and those you inherited. Start making things right.

  • ­Avoid treating all employees the same! Motivate 3 key levels of staff and different generations and mindsets. It’s not hard when you know how. 

  • ­Delegate with an eye on employee development, not just the work itself. 

  • ­Discover how to groom your successors so you can advance. 

  • ­Become your boss’ favourite leader.

  • ­Create and nurture high performance teams. 

  • ­Key techniques to handle difficult employees.

  • ­Leave with a plan for growing your team, your career and your success.

Programme Outline
  • ­Redefine leader, leadership, management, motivation, delegation and productivity. 
  • ­Understanding is the key to transformation
  • ­Learn the 2 elements you can control and how to use them effectively
  • ­Keys to getting people to improve and using obstacles to your advantage
  • ­Podolinsky’s ‘Quest’™ statement to motivate your bottom third to succeed and boost your top third at the same time!
  • ­3 different employee categories and optimising their performance
  • ­8 leadership secrets to boost profits
  • ­Essentials to retain your best people and off-load the bad ones
  • ­Cognitive/Behavioural approaches to motivation and low/no cost motivators
  • ­Effective delegation and using delegation as a training tool
  • ­End the painful appraisal process! – 10 steps to highly effective performance appraisals and their alternative use
  • ­
  • ­Podolinsky’s proprietary TEAM™ concept and why most ‘team building’ does NOT wor
  • ­Making contests and incentive schemes effective, and produce results even in non-sales departments
  • ­Dealing with difficult people
  • ­Gaining and keeping team respect 
  • ­Solutions to your personal issues and specific questions
  • ­Dozens of how-to skills and case examples from clients
As part of the training and learning during the course, there may be some photography and/or video-recording of participants in action.
Who Must Attend

(Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers     
(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers

Programme Leader
Michael Podolinsky is Asia’s Productivity Guru. He authored 16 books on management and productivity including Managing, Motivating, Maximising Teams in Asia (McGraw Hill) and Smart Leadership (Learn Incorporated). He devoted his life to studying leadership, management, teams, human psychology and productivity. 

Over 11 million people in 37 countries on 7 continents, have benefited from his expertise. Michael trained over 3,700 days, developing 10s of thousands of leaders, boosting their productivity. In 2019, he conducted his 500th 2-day programme at SIM since January of 1989. 

Michael moderated the inaugural Singapore Productivity Forum. He was one of the first 21 inductees of the Global Speaking Fellow and is a Certified Speaking Professional.  In 2019, he was honoured as he was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. There are about 700 CSPs and fewer than 50 Global Speaking Fellow recipients. He is the first recipient of the Trainer of the Year Award and received it a 2nd consecutive year. He also received SIM’s Star Trainer award. In the USA, he was named Businessman of the Year and awarded the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal. In Singapore, he was elected chairman of a $750,000,000 condominium. 

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