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Agile In Acceleration: Outthink & Outperform Your Competitors

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agile in acceleration: outthink & outperform your competitors


Best practices today means, organization need to perform under hyper-acceleration using sustainable learning on-the-go, innovations-that-stick, measurable behaviour changes towards key business metrics and hence impactful shifts.  This programme is for organisations that wish to reinvent themselves by seeking options their competitors are unlikely to take and leverage on aspects of their employees that have not been tapped on.   It is also designed for managers or individuals who is seeking for ways to increase their strategic and innovative thinking capability. This programme is ideal for those looking for a repeatable way to produce and implement innovative strategies.
Benefits to You

Business Outcomes :

It is relatively easy to take time to assess, consult, diagnose, design, develop, plan, motivate, and engage when the environment remains relatively constant and unchanged – or in what is termed as ‘fair weather’ environment. With rapidly changing situations of uncertain volatility and crisis, there is no such luxury. In adverse ‘raging storms’, learning to stimulate development of your teams and creating new learning pathways, make dealing with acceleration and complexity the new normal. If you are looking to disrupt before you are disrupted, this programme will equip employees at all levels with the tools they need to innovate and strategise in an agile, digital, purpose-driven world to achieve superior results. 

The Outthinker Process introduced here has worked with some of the most highly respected companies throughout the world to achieve strategic clarity, accelerate growth rates 100-120%, and most importantly, establish a culture of innovative thinking via a proprietary and proven process.

Learning Outcomes :

·Navigate the rise of entreprenaissance and how innovation is being reinvented. 

·Explore human enterprise through collaboration and learning partnerships at all levels in our accelerated world to outthink your competition.

·Understand the Essence of mindful leadership - How managing your energy and perceptual filters will help you in hyper-change.

·Understand the Actions/Presence of your innovative leadership - How to get your team agile in acceleration.

Programme Outline
•Democratise strategy development to embed an innovation culture through the Outthinker process. 
•Unlock the mindset of CALM intelligence under pressure. 
•Engage your people through Actionable Conversations to impact virtually every business metric you care to measure. 
•Create a mindful learning laboratory so your people can learn anytime anywhere - and have fun doing so. 
Who Must Attend

(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers

Programme Leader
Dr Yvonne Sum draws executives deep into their inner essence to make timely changes in their hyper-changing world. She has honed this gift through her own agile journey: as a dentist, RAAF officer, certified Meta-Coach, Outthinker growth strategist, leadership facilitator and speaker, media expert on Australian television, author, corporate expat, business partner, wife and mother of two. 
Dr Sum is a published international author on leadership across home and work tribes by integrating their leadership lessons at home successfully back at work. As co-founder of a global leadership consultancy focusing on C-level executives, she facilitates senior executives through their 4G (Gender, Generational, Generosity, Global) challenges by disruptive thinking and hyper-drive coaching. She was honoured with BlessingWhite Asia Pacific’s 2009 Consummate Facilitator and Client Development Award with multinational clients in the region. She is one of the only 267 female Certified Speaking Professionals in the world. She transforms the leader in learners and is powerfully intentional and inspirational.
Dr Sum has also contributed an article “Agile in Acceleration : Driving Innovation from Within”’ in the magazine, Today's Manager.  Please click on the link - - to read the article.
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