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Workplace Values Profile Certification Programme
(formerly known as Paradigm Personality Lab's VALUES Certification Programme)

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workplace values profile certification programme


Forward-thinking organisations areactively identifying their corporate values, and those corporate valuesincreasingly look the same as the individual values. Authenticity is key togaining respect and admiration in the workplace. Paradigm's Values Profile™identifies individual and team drivers, motivations and values to developstrong leaders and strong teams. Identify personal values to understand howemployees align with their organisation's values and understand how uniquedrivers impact team value.


The Values Profile™ provides ahelpful way to integrate values and performance.

Benefits to You


ENGAGEMENT hasbeen proven to be the critical success factor in any team or organisation. It isnot about abilities but the alignment of values, motives and drivers of eachteam member with those of the other members. If we identify the importantvalues of our colleagues, employees, business partners, teammates, coachingclients, or even life partners, we can gain valuable insight and understandingabout what motivates and engages them. In addition, leaders are incorporatingvalues into their leadership styles as they use values-based coaching andproblem-solving tactics to develop further their employees and businesses.


Paradigm's Values Profile™ identifiesindividual and team drivers, motivations and values to develop strong leadersand teams. Identify personal values to understand how employees align withtheir organisation's values and learn how unique drivers impact team value.With the Values Profile™ you’re on your way to developing yourhighest-achieving, most engaged team.  Theresults of The Values Profile™ are used in the work place for leadershipdevelopment, job redesign, performance improvement, job enrichment, workculture alignment, and succession planning. 



Understand the 16 Values Model and how they relate to each person


Learn how to interpret and debrief the VALUES Profile with a client


Practice and apply the Profile in the use in various applications liketalent identification, team engagement, culture building, leadershipdevelopment and coaching etc


Take away a set of tools to use with the Values Profile

Programme Outline
•What are Values, and How Do They Relate to the Total Person: A Semantic Map
•Overview of the Values Model and Prediction of Scores of 16 Values
•Presentation of Results and Interpretation of the Report
•How to use the Profile: Seven Steps to Clarifying Values
•Applications & Case Studies in:
oTalent Identification 
oTeam Alignment & Engagement
oCulture Building
oLeadership Development
Participants will receive programme materials worth S$300
Who Must Attend

(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers

Programme Leader
George T K Quek is a master trainer for various assessments like the Workplace Big Five Profile, DISC, Influencing Styles Indicator, Change Style Indicator etc.  In addition, he has trained, coached and consulted for more than 3,000 executives and leaders from over 80 organisations throughout the Asia-Pacific in the last five years. Prior to that, he had over 15 years of senior management experience throughout Asia-Pacific with Fortune 500 and regional companies. 
He is also the author of the best-selling book Service Unusual, which is published in both English and Thai.
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