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Psychology Of Relationship Management
Developing and strengthening positive relationship

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psychology of relationship management


Managing people, and especially clients, is a constant challenge as everyone has his or her own way of thinking and behaving. By understanding the mindsets of different people and what makes each of them tick, you can leverage the powers of this knowledge to create more effective and positive relationships with anyone.

Benefits to You

For many internal (or external) stakeholders, a main engagement criteria is the quality of the relationship and the level of trust and confidence they have in the ‘seller’. By identifying the key features of how good business relationships can be formed and further developed, we can create impact to improve business performance.

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand individual’s thinking preferences, styles and associated behaviours

  • Understand how to recognise behaviours and habits in others that indicate their thinking preferences

  • Determine an appropriate strategy for getting on the same wavelength when communicating  with others, especially clients
  • Clarify issues with others to confirm understanding and make the most suitable replies and suggestions
  • Probe carefully for more information
  • Know how to effectively question the ideas and assumptions made by others
  • Adopt the most appropriate questioning techniques to suit the circumstances
  • Develop listening skills in order to gain the most from meetings and discussions
  • Interrupt others when required without causing offence
  • Work effectively with others to plan the best possible strategies for engagement to match client needs
  • Develop better working alliances with managers
  • Identify areas for further personal development and performance improvement

    Programme Outline
    • Brain Dominance and Thinking Preferences
    • Applying Whole Brain Thinking to Relationships
    • Probing and Questioning Skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Taking it All Back to Work

    Pre-course work

    Each participant will need to complete the NBI questionnaire online. Participants will be provided with a user name, password and instructions.

    Who Must Attend
       Level 1: Admin & Support   
       Level 2: Supervisor, Executive & Emerging Managers 
       Level 3: New Managers

    Participants who wants to forge a better relationship with their clients and working in harmony with their clients preferred way of thinking.

    Programme Leader

    Rob Devine has over 20 years of experience in learning and development. He has worked across many industries including, but not limited to, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, insurance, engineering, fashion, legal and tourism. Rob has 15 years of R&D, sales & marketing and commercial experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He is also a highly regarded speaker in creativity and innovation and has presented at workshops and key note sessions around the world. Rob is a Master Practitioner of Neethling Brain Instruments (Whole Brain Thinking, thinking preferences) and Productive Thinking. His expertise stretches across critical thinking and Whole Brain Inventory, creativity and innovation, leadership development, talent management and organisational change.




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