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Interviewing Skills

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interviewing skills

Selection is the process of choosing the right talent - individuals with the right skills, competencies, attitude, qualifications.
It is about assessing three key aspects -
•         Can the individual do the job
•         Will he / she do the job
•         How well will the person fit in
“Hire tough, manage easy.” - It is true that the amount of time, effort and energy that you put into the hiring process may make management of your new employees much less difficult because many problems will be eliminated up front during the selection process.
We need to remember that selection decisions are an important part of successful talent management – a very critical and important part.
Benefits to You
To enable participants to hire the right Talent and to know their role and responsibilities and
the part that they have to play in the selection process
Familiarize participants on the use of the Interview Assessment Forms
Understand the Selection Cycle for selecting the right talent for the business
Key interviewing skills
Interview techniques and approaches
Key aspects of a Job Description
Programme Outline
A. What To Do Before The Interview
•      Be clear what kind of people the organisation is looking for
o    This will be clear from the manpower budgets / vacancy positions
o    Key elements of the Job Description
o    Have a broad understanding of career paths
•      Be aware what candidates look for in their jobs
o    The company profile and track record
o    Quality of the job - based on what the person will learn, do and become
o    Contributions that can be made to the organisation
o    The type of the of persons / panel interviewing the candidates
o    Quality of the interviewing process
Step 1 – Setting Up The Interviews
Step 2 – Prepare For The Interviews
B. What To Do During The Interview
Step 3 – Beginning The Interviews
Step 4 – Extracting Valuable Information
•      Structure the interview
•      Conducting the interview - Five key and essential aspects
Key Interviewing Techniques
o    Job Skills and Competencies Fit - focus on high priority competencies
o    Motivational Fit – Interest for the Job and Career Preferences/Plans
o    Environment / Culture Fit
o    Making the selection decision - Panellists coming to a decision in assessing the candidates
o    Looking at any possible errors in assessment
o    Putting candidates in order of suitability
o    Putting candidates on wait list if required
o    Active listening
o    Probing and Questioning
o    Patience
o    Clarifying
o    Behaviour based questioning
o    Assessing core competencies and values
o    Assessing technical job capabilities
o    Open and closed ended questions
o    Non-verbal clues / body language
o    Summarising
Step 5 – Manage The Candidates’ Interest
Step 6 – End The Interviews Properly
C.   What To Do After The Interviews
Action Planning And Q & A
Pitfalls And What To Watch Out For


Role plays – undertaking a selection interview
Simulations and Discussions
Who Must Attend
(Level 2) Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers
(Level 3) New Managers
(Level 4) Managers
Programme Leader

Robin Robbins has extensive senior management experience in people development and has worked across all disciplines and in a wide range of sectors including consumer goods, research and development, chemicals, the beverage industry and engineering.

He is currently a principal consultant of a consultancy focusing on helping organisations succeed through effective people strategies. His previous HR positions include being the Head of Human Resources for the Research Laboratories of Unilever, India, and Head of Sales Training for Hindustan Lever, the largest multi-national business in India with a turnover of US$ 2.5 billion, employing over 24,000 people.

With over 16 years experience in business, Mr Robbins has developed particular expertise in the areas of performance management, career and succession planning, leadership development, aligning people strategies to market realities and conducting development and assessment centers.

He has created sales and customer management training programmes and aligned shop floor operations to focus on safety, quality and productivity. He has extensive experience in recruitment, including that of leading business and technical schools.

He has a passion for dramatics and has directed and acted in several plays. He has applied the teambuilding and leadership skills acquired in dramatics to organisational realities.

Velina Collins has extensive & broad-based Human Resource Management (HRM) consulting & training experience with a diverse clientele which includes government & private and profit & non-profit organizations and local, multi-nationals & public listed companies. She is also a certified Trainer for MBTI® Instrument, a personality-type tool used for corporate team building, leadership coaching, career development and communication training. Velina’s HRM consulting & training projects include: Managing Talent Acquisition & Management assignments, Reviewing, updating & documenting HR policies, processes & procedures, Designing/Developing Salary Structure and Staff Benefits Programmes, Facilitating workshops on Effective Performance & Discipline Management and Feedback Forum for top Management and Executives, Conducting Job Evaluation of Managerial and Executive positions, Developing Competency-based model for Career Development & Succession Planning, Providing Career Coaching to employees affected by restructuring exercises and Conducting Team Building, Communication and Career development workshops using the MBTI® instrument. Velina’s warm, caring and practical approach resonates well with clients she works with. She also believes in long-term partnership and contributing to the clients’ organizational success. 

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