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What Drives Behaviour & Performance
(formerly known as The Keys to Managing People, Relationship & Conflicts)

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what drives behaviour & performance


Explore psychological factors that are responsible for human-related ups and downs at the workplace. Understand and use psychological concepts and techniques to manage common human-related issues and make your organisation a greater place to work in!

Benefits to You

A proper understanding and management of the various psychological factors at the workplace can help reduce invisible costs and losses while improving communication, relationship, productivity and profitability.


•Learn to manage people-related problems and conflicts effectively
•Learn to influence and inspire others, to enhance efficiency and productivity
•Learn to communicate with and relate to others in realistic terms
•Be able to work with peers/superiors/subordinates on better terms

Programme Outline
•What research tells us about human nature
•2 types of people: High vs low self-monitors
•2 types of fallacies: Illusion of consensus vs illusion of uniqueness  
•The way we reason: How our reasoning inhibits our people skills
•Personality vs character vs attitude
•Common mistakes in communication 
•Timeless rules of behavior: how people naturally react
•Important rules for motivating or encouraging people
•4 common causes of conflicts and 4 corresponding solutions
•Strategies to improve relationships with customers, peers, subordinates, and superiors
Who Must Attend

(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers

Programme Leader
An independent corporate trainer-consultant, Lim How is a recognized expert in the fields of critical thinking, transformational leadership, human relations, and the related. A psychologist by training at Yale University, his expertise has been regularly sought after by various Fortune 500 companies such as Citibank, Du Pont, and IBM, to list a few. While at Yale, he developed three programs that are now been used by various MNCs to train their management teams, talent pool, and senior executives. To date, thousands of executives from different parts of the world (e.g., Singapore, Asia, and USA) have benefited from his usually thought-provoking seminars. An author of two books, Lim How regularly writes for the press and other publications.


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