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The Conflict & Emotional Literacy Workshop©
Turning Bad Situations Good

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the conflict & emotional literacy workshop©


We live in a more connected world but we feel more isolated; we communicate with more people but dialogue less; we face more conflicts but are told to avoid them; we feel emotions but try to rationalise them away. We cannot manage others until we can manage ourselves. Gain literacy to deal with emotions and conflicts competently.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes :

Participants will learn to better diagnose and resolve conflicts, leading to better outcomes and less wasted time and stress. This results in happier and more profitable people and organisations. 

Learning Outcomes :

  • Learn to identify and read people’s emotions before they express or hide how they really feel
  • Learn how people react when things go wrong and the implications these pre-programmed reactions have on achieving success
  • Learn to identify and deal with common sources of conflict including fears, afflictive emotions and overdone strengths
  • Learn to de-escalate tense situations to optimise decision making
  • Explore personal situations and solutions, and return to work uplifted and confident to face tough situations
Programme Outline
  • Tough situations and conflicts faced by participants
  • Afflictive emotions and antidotes
  • Coaching each other to understand sources of conflict
  • Motivation, behavior, concept and personal portrait of ‘overdone strengths’
  • Conflict sequence and de-escalation – Tactics review and practice 
  • Conflict and culture - Samsara and conflict reaction options
  • Using dialogue, negotiation and mediation to resolve conflict
  • Reading facial expressions, knowing it before they say it or lie
  • Dialogue clusters - Supporting each other going forward
Who Must Attend

Level 3 - New Managers
Level 4 - Managers
Level 5 - Senior Managers & Directors

Programme Leader

Peter Nixon is the creator of the Conflict & Emotional Literacy Workshop and author of Dialogue Gap, has helped thousands of senior executives and teams in over 50 countries manage difficult dialogues and achieve winning strategies that have transformed their careers and organisations. From a background in audit and negotiation Mr Nixon is now consulted on all sorts of key dialogues including matters in the Middle East, economic transformation, entrepreneurship, social justice, spiritual growth, commercial and personal success, environmental conflicts and diversity issues.  


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