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Sustainable Leadership - Remote Learning
- Leading, excelling & setting new benchmark

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sustainable leadership - remote learning


When sustainable leadership prevails, organisations and people prosper. This developmental leadership group-coaching programme, is specifically designed for Senior Executives to build sustainable leadership capability through thought provoking, emotions discovery and behavioural modeling.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes 
Participants will develop strategic approaches to develop sustainable leadership, develop a compelling vision, build a collaborative organisation, think strategically, deal with turbulent markets, differentiate based on creativity and innovation, lead the hearts and minds of others, and ultimately foster organisation leadership. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop awareness and self-insight of individual cognitive biases
  • Construct own thinking and behaviours based on motives and values
  • Understand the core attributes that encourage followers’ trust in leader
  • Comprehend necessary behaviours that encourage common vision and goals
  • Integrate and motivate teams and individuals based on preferences and interests
  • Create a coaching profile that attends to the person and acts as helper
  • Make hard decisions and implement them with compassion
  • Connect with people and construct collaborative relationships
  • Develop cognitive and emotional capacity
  • Gain new perspective of task, process, people, performance and results
  • Assess how to build positive spaces
  • Demonstrate presence to lead others and be present in conversations
Programme Outline

o Strategic self-awareness

o Performance risks and Leadership

o Self-management

o Leadership traits

o Collaborative and Operational Leadership

o Strategic thinking

o Leadership perspective

o Leading others

Who Must Attend

(Level 4) Managers
(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors
(Level 6) C-Suite

Programme Leader

Wade Azmy is a highly experienced business executive with global practice in general management, marketing, sales and business development involving businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, USA and the Middle East for Hewlett Packard.

Throughout his career, Mr Azmy has focused on coaching and mentoring as means of developing and progressing the management capabilities of his managers. He developed management teams in more than 12 countries, he successfully implemented succession and leadership initiatives as part of his management system.

In 2003, he founded his own executive coaching firm, which provides leadership and executive development services for executives, teams and senior decision makers. Wade’s experience has provided him with the unique ability to provide a broad range of insightful and innovative developmental solutions for complex and challenging business environments.


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