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Strategy Implementation For Leaders
- How to be the one in ten who achieve excellence in execution

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strategy implementation for leaders


Organisations worldwide recognise that there is a strategy implementation skills gap.  When leaders are asked to execute the strategy, they often lack the requisite know-how or tools to guide their efforts.  It is essential that they are equipped with the relevant knowledge and framework to deliver.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes
This highly interactive, engaging and enriching programme is based on the international bestselling book Beyond Strategy – The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation. It addresses the knowledge gap for leaders and goes deeply into the tough challenge of implementing strategy. Packed with best practices, secrets of execution and latest thinking in the field, it gives leaders a comprehensive Implementation Compass™ framework to guide them through the journey.

Learning Outcomes
•Understand why change management does not work for implementing strategy
•Develop the ability to be excellent in execution using the Implementation Compass™ framework
•Assess your company’s implementation capabilities
•Understand how people respond to implementation and how to lead them
•Appreciate the impact of business disruption
•Learn best practices and tips for success from both local and international insights

Programme Outline

•Why most implementations fail
•Understand why implementation is a competitive business differentiator
•The Implementation Compass™ – based on the eight areas for excellence in execution
•Understand why most people do not resist change
•Receive a complimentary copy of Mr Speculand’s best-selling book, Beyond Strategy – The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation

Who Must Attend

(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers
(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors

Programme Leader
The programme is led by Robin Speculand the founder and Chief Executive of his own consultancy, a pioneer and global specialist in strategy implementation.  His work begins once clients have crafted their strategy and are ready to start the implementation journey.  Mr Speculand has published two international best sellers on the subject, Beyond Strategy - The Leaders Role in Successful Implementation and Bricks to  Bridges - Making Your Strategy Come Alive.

He is a masterful event facilitator and an engaging keynote speaker.  His work has been featured widely in the media, including BBC Global, CNBC, Channel News Asia, Sunday Telegraph and Financial Times.


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