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Fundamentals Of The Personal Data Protection Act (synchronous E-learning)

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fundamentals of the personal data protection act (synchronous e-learning)


Cultivating and keeping a customer is not easy but losing them takes seconds. 

Customers will not hesitate to abandon service providers when they are deemed to have not established steps to safeguard and protect customer’s personal data and information. This will lead to tarnished reputation, loss of revenue and potential future opportunities. While it is challenging for businesses to ensure that customer’s data is not compromised, they can start to take steps towards minimising or eliminating those risks and challenges.

This programme is helpful for appointed Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and any employee in the organisation who are involved in data protection matters. It will deepen their understanding of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) through introduction of key concepts and equip them with the basic knowledge and skills in complying with the PDPA. This enhanced programme includes an expanded curriculum and comprehensive assessments.

Benefits to You
Business Outcomes
Helps businesses gain consumer confidence and loyalty through proper handling of personal data. 
Develop an organised policy, process and system in the management and utilisation of customers’ data and information.
Keeps compliance costs manageable and sufficient to address economic objectives.

Learning Outcomes
You will be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills required to facilitate compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
At the end of the programme, you will be able to: 
identify legislative and regulatory requirements of the organisation in accordance to organisational strategies and objectives.
communicate key legislative and regulatory requirements and related management systems to relevant stakeholders to facilitate legislative compliance.
assess internal and regulatory organisations’ policies and procedures to ensure compliance.
identify and document possible areas of non-compliance in business activities in accordance with information format requirements.
assist the review of adherence to legislative and regulatory requirements in accordance with organisational guidelines / policies.
assist in the integration of procedures to ensure adherence to legislative and regulatory requirements in daily scope of work.
prepare management report for follow-up action.
Programme Outline
Introduction to Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 
Data Protection Provisions and Do Not Call Provisions 
Role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) 
Create An Organisation’s Data Inventory Map (DIM) and Identify Possible Areas of Non-Compliance 
Develop a Process for Dispute Resolution 
Training and Communications to Staff for Compliance to Data Protection Provisions
Managing Data Breaches

Duration and Time
Duration : 16 hours (2 days)

Dates:  Feb 18 & 19, 2020
           May 18 & 19, 2020
           June 25 & 26, 2020 (Remote Learning)
           Aug 13 & 14, 2020 (Remote Learning - FULL)
           Aug 17 & 18, 2020 (Remote Learning - FULL)
           Oct 22 & 23, 2020 (Remote Learning)

Time : 8.30am - 5.30pm

Programme Fees
Full Course Fee: $ 577.80

Nett Fee (after funding) *:
For Employer Sponsored Participants
SME: $ 91.80    Non-SME: $ 337.80
For Participants eligible for SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy:
40 years old and above
(Singapore Citizen only): $ 91.80

For Self Sponsored Participants:
SkillsFuture Credit is applicable for Singapore Citizens aged 25 years old and above only

Inclusive of 7% GST (GST is based on Full Course Fee)
*Terms and conditions apply

Who Must Attend
Level 3 | New Managers 
Level 4 | Managers

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