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Digital Transformation - A Playbook For Hypergrowth Companies

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digital transformation - a playbook for hypergrowth companies

Digital Transformation: A Playbook for Hypergrowth Companies Introduction | Sep 13 | 9 am - 12 pm | SIM Management House
NOVEMBER 22, 2019  |  2.30 PM - 5.30 PM  |  SIM MANAGEMENT HOUSE

How important is digital transformation to your business? Are your competitors deploying technology or digital strategies that are disrupting your market position?

Transformation initiatives require an analysis of the market, customers and new technologies as well as internal values, processes and resources. This programme helps you achieve a digital mindset with a clear vision, new business options and an implementation roadmap.

Start your blueprint for digital transformation here.


Understand what works and what is changing in the Asian century.
Brainstorm how to build platforms not pipelines and identify who are the key people to lead digital transformation
Identify the best practices of hypergrowth companies to inspire change in your company for transformation strategy, culture and digital “mindset”
Develop a “digital transformation” and “communication" canvas to promote innovative ideas that support business goals
A Look at the Case Studies of Hypergrowth Companies
Be Familiar with the “Pipeline to Platform” Framework
- 4-phase Transition Process
Digital Transformation Canvas - The 7 Action Fields of Transformation
Digital Transformation is about People, not Digital
Communication Canvas - Action Plan


Are you someone proactive in implementing new ideas, staying ahead of the competition, and aligning your people, data, and technology? Then this programme is for you!

This workshop is designed for mid to senior-level managers who need a step-by-step framework to lead their business unit or firm through a sea of massive disruption. The programme is suitable for participants across all industries.

Graham D Brown

Entrepreneur, radio show host and investor

Founder of Pitch Media Asia – Asia’s largest podcast media house, where he also hosts the Asia tech Podcast, The Podcast Show and Pitchdeck Asia Shows. Acclaimed host with over 500 podcast episodes to date. Innovation and marketing expert. Featured in Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and has helped shape the technology marketing strategy of clients such as UNICEF, MTV, Disney and Monster Energy Drinks.

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Singapore Management Festival 2019 (SMF) participant enjoy an exclusive 1-for-1 deal on the programme.

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