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Skills Alive : Self-leadership - How To Achieve Self Mastery For Lifelong Success

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skills alive : self-leadership - how to achieve self mastery for lifelong success

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Self-leadership - How To Achieve Self Mastery for Lifelong Success | JUN 21 (FRI) | 2.30 PM - 5pm | SIM Management House
Self-leadership puts together taking responsibility for our outcomes, setting direction for our lives, and having tools to manage priorities. Self-leaders work at all levels of an organisation. They are front-line workers in every possible role, middle managers, and CEOs. Self-leaders work hard to achieve their dreams without using the term self-leadership. However, they have clearly demonstrated that being in control of their behavior and results, focus, practice, and learning were necessary to achieve their goals.
Learning Outline
What is self-leadership?
Knowing who you are
Change management
Knowing what you do
Using what you know
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General Information
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About the Speaker
Wade AzmyWade Azmy is a highly experienced business executive with global practice and exposure in General Management, Marketing, sales and business development with previous assignments involving businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, USA and the Middle East for Hewlett Packard.

Wade focuses most of his resources on leadership development, coaching, and mentoring of senior executives and board directors. He has a broad base of coaching experience across multiple industries including banking, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, information technology, construction, retail and universities.

Wade has completed a Master Degree of Coaching Psychology from Sydney University, Wade has developed the first government accredited Diploma of Executive Coaching in Australia in 2014. He is an Engineer with various qualifications in corporate and business management, including a Master of Business Administration and a Diploma of corporate marketing. Wade is also a doctoral candidate and his research is focusing on futures studies of strategic leadership effectiveness in engaging the workforce.

Who Must Attend

(Level 1) Administrative & Support     
(Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers     
(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers
(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors
(Level 6) C-Suite



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