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The Science Of Resilience: Dealing With Adversity And Change

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the science of resilience: dealing with adversity and change


Life throws challenges to test us and presents opportunities for us to realise our true potential. Resilience sharpens and focuses our ability to bounce back, steer through adversity and exercise our talents and motivation in a meaningful way.  Although genetics and environment do have some influence over resilience, studies have shown that resilience can be learnt and practiced by all of us. 


In this event, drawing on the best of sports science, military field, neurobiology, medicine, psychology, and emotional intelligence, you will explore the highroad leading to building resilience. You will unlock the biological resources of your body, heart, mind and spirit, and build practical resilience competencies to live and work productively without compromising health and happiness.

Benefits to You

Learning Outcomes

•            Increase pressure tolerance and stress mastery, ensuring that the pace of growth and change generates more optimal stress;

•            Improve your physical vitality and long-term recovery capabilities;

•            Harness the power of emotions fostering creativity and joy;

•            Develop a focused, constructive and decisive mind;

•            Learn tips to motivate self and win-over situations effectively

Programme Outline

Manish Arneja is a Coach with The Resilience Institute Southeast Asia. Manish is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), Executive Performance Coach & Organisational Development Practitioner with 16 years of experience in enabling organisational systems and individuals to create positive shifts.


Prior to joining The Resilience Institute, Manish was Regional General Manager (Asia, Middle East, Africa) for Organisational Development within a top tier multi-national consumer goods company.


Being a coach and an Organisational Development practitioner, Manish holds a wealth of expertise in managing change, team dynamics, leadership development and embedding behavioural changes in personal life or within organisations. He has delivered keynote at various conferences including HR Summit, Talent Conferences in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. His journey to make a meaningful difference in people’s life led him to leave his corporate career and join The Resilience Institute.


Manish holds an MBA from Asian Institute of Management with additional post-graduate qualifications in Organisational Development from Heriot-Watt University, UK.

Who Must Attend

(Level 1) Administrative & Support     
(Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers     
(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers
(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors
(Level 6) C-Suite



$40 SIM GE & SUSS Alumni
$45 Non-members

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