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Workplace & Workforce 4.0 - Winning In The Future Of Work

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workplace & workforce 4.0 - winning in the future of work


Whatdoes it take to win in the future of work? How do you deal with the disruptioncaused by digital technologies, evolving business models and a changingworkforce? Workplace & Workforce 4.0 combines both the hard sciences oftechnology, as well as the “heart” sciences of human engagement. Given thescale of ongoing disruptions, there is an urgent need to update the skills andperspectives of leaders in every industry and job function.


Thisevent provides the latest research, key insights and practices to betterprepare leaders and employees to interact successfully with the ongoing massivedisruption and foster extraordinary performance on an individual, team andorganisational level.


Benefits to You

- Leading a multigenerational workforce

- How to use technology to enhance personal and business productivity

- How to increase Adaptability Quotient (AQ), the most vital skill in the future of work in individuals, teams and as an organisation

- Developing Relational Leadership and psychological safety

Programme Outline

TheM.A.G.I.C Formula for Workplace & Workforce 4.0

1.Meaning: The meaning of work isdifferent in a multigenerational workforce. Understand the attributes, valuesand strengths of each generation to lead and foster a high performingcross-generational


2.Autonomous/Autonomy: As the workplacebecomes more autonomous, the workforce wants more autonomy. Be updated in thelatest of how technology can be utilised in a workplace to enhanceproductivity, as well as how to foster responsible autonomy in our workforce.

3.Growth: Be updated in the latestresearch and best practices in personal and professional development, as wellas the psychology of flourishing to foster a thriving workforce.

4.Impact: Learn how great organisationsbring out the best in their workforce by engineering individual and team flowstates.

5.Connection: Learn how Relational Leadershipfosters a prosocial culture and actively promote psychological safety in theworkplace, which supports the cognitive, social and emotional well-being of ourpeople at work.

Nick Jarvis Tan

NickJarvis Tan is an award winning behavioural scientist who specialises inmaximizing human performance, as well as fostering human connectedness in theworkplace. As the principal trainer and facilitator of a global talentdevelopment firm that serves leadings businesses, government institutions andnon-profit organisations, he has helped hundreds of his clients grow theirpeople and organisations, and made lasting improvements to their businessperformance.


Ahighly sought after speaker by top brands, Nick is known for his unique abilityto blend and incorporate both Eastern and Western business philosophies andpractices that produces paradigm shifting insights. His transformativesignature programs include facilitating processing labs for the C-Suite level,corporate rejuvenation retreats in resorts across Asia for senior managementteams, as well as achievement accelerators for emerging leaders.


Educatedand trained as a behavioural scientist from the University of Notre Dame,Australia, Nick draws from the best practices and latest research in the fieldsof business, psychology, behavioural and cognitive sciences to equipindividuals, teams and organisations with the skills and knowledge they need toachieve quantum breakthrough and performance.

Who Must Attend

(Level 1) Administrative & Support     
(Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers     
(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers
(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors
(Level 6) C-Suite


$35 SIMMembers
$40 SIM GE & SUSS Alumni
$45 Non-members

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