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Sales Pipeline Management

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sales pipeline management


A sales pipeline is a visual representation of sales prospects and where they are in the buying process.

Delivering revenue begins with constant management of the sales pipeline. Once each stage is completed, the prospect is advanced to the next stage. A pipeline report shows the value and quantity of all deals in each stage of the pipeline at the moment when the report is reviewed. Pipelines also provide an overview of a salesperson’s forecast and how close he or she is to making the quota.

Learn how to recognise what a healthy pipeline looks like and how to determine the ideal size for an individual salesperson’s pipeline.

Benefits to You

Learning Outcome

  • How to execute the 5D Sales Process to consistently, repeatedly and effectively drive sales opportunities to closure

  • Know what to do at each stage of the sales process

  • Recognise and resolve different issues that occur at each stage in the sales process

  • Build and maintain a healthy sales pipeline based on lead indicators

Programme Outline

FT Liu, a strategy consultant with DPI, a global management consultant firm. Mr Liu brings 30 years of industry experience to the team. He spent the first 6 years in engineering, quality and manufacturing functions. In 1991, FT launched his sales & marketing career with DuPont first as a technical sales representative and then as Director of Product Marketing. He was based in Taiwan for two years covering the Greater China market as the Director of Marketing for Temic Semiconductors, the electronics division of Daimler Benz,maker of Mercedes Benz.


In 2000, he started a company helping MNCs move their products, processes and technology to their customers over the Internet. From 2003, FT ventured into the Supply Chain Management industry as the Business Development Director of various companies.


FT is the author of four books on business and engineering. He has a degree in Engineering (Honours) and a masters in Knowledge Management. He is also an ACTA-certified trainer and a certified Singapore Professional Management Consultant.


Who Must Attend

(Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers     
(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers


$35 SIM Members
$40 SIM GE & SUSS Alumni
$45 Non-members

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