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The Race Against Thyme – Learning Negotiation Through Cooking

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the race against thyme – learning negotiation through cooking


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Broaden your scope of action and sharpen your negotiation skills through an interactive and engaging hands-on culinary experience.

Negotiation skills is a necessity in the kitchen when it comes to working with fewer ingredients, having limited food sources available or even restricted time due to everyday challenges.

In order to accomplish a task such as cooking a dish, we need resources and support around us. How do we connect, communicate and collaborate with others to achieve our goal? Learn the magic formula applying empathy through questioning and listening to reach a breakthrough agreement with common understanding. Come join us to increase our negotiation intelligence and cooking skills.

This event is meticulously planned to impart culinary techniques and principles on how you can whip up a Korean feast with anyone and everyone. 

It is tailored to ensure that you have a great time and opportunity to network with the like-minded.

There is also a sharing session by Suhwe Lee, is the Vice President of Education and Distinguished Toastmaster in SIM II Toastmasters Club. She is a global trainer and learning consultant in the Asia-Pacific talent acceleration and culture transformation programme for IBM.

Start your culinary journey with us now!

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