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Mastering Leadership Agility - Reflect: Personal Values Sensitivity - Raise Productivity Without Raising Pay

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mastering leadership agility - reflect: personal values sensitivity - raise productivity without raising pay


MLA SIM-PD Master Class | Practice 1: Raise Productivity without Raising Pay

SIM Professional Development
MLA SIM-PD Master Class | Practice 1: Raise Productivity without Raising Pay
Based on learning MLA Practice 1 ‘Personal Values Sensitivity’, the goal of this Master Class is to discover how to find and release in people what drives their motivation to ‘go the extra mile’ for you and the organisation. By discovering and clarifying your own purpose and values first, you will be able to spot what drives others and adjust your leadership approach to suit these differences. Tuning into personal values when building work and customer relationships, increases the chances of buying into what a person or product or service is offering.

This one-day Master Class starts with an introduction to how you can master leadership agility using our unique global learning methodology, with a focus on LEADERSHIP REFLECTION.  After debriefing your ALPD results, showing which leadership agility practice is your current strength, you will clarify your own leadership purpose and assess which personal values drive your everyday behaviour most. Finally, you will learn alongside colleagues and with others, how to use purpose and values to motivate others; and plan how to implement this new leadership agility practice in the workplace for increasing engagement, productivity, overall commitment to necessary improvement change and sustainable success.

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Learning Outline
Change influencers can be identified who have the specific personal values required to role model the necessary work improvements.
People with ‘agile - adaptive’ personal values can be placed in influential positions leading change implementation.
People know what one another’s purpose and values are, and the positive motivational impact this has on them, their colleagues, customers and the organisation as a whole.
The enterprise will know which purpose and personal values it must not compromise on, if brand clarity and strength is to be maintained.
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About the Speaker

Experiential Engagement Specialist and Facilitator Extraordinaire, Leadership Agility Consultant and Inspiring Speaker, Mahesh advises enterprises how to increase productivity, sustain profitability and produce wider prosperity through TOTAL PEOPLE ENGAGEMENT initiatives and CHANGE LEADERSHIP PRACTICES.

Mahesh brings wisdom and expertise to his work grounded in BEHAVIOURAL PRINCIPLES and the SCIENCE OF LEADERSHIP AGILITY DEVELOPMENT, combined with over two decades of entrepreneurial experience across a wide range of industries and enterprises within corporate, non-profit, and business development domains.

Mahesh’s clients value his highly exceptional commitment to EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY and RESULTS.

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