Be A Standout Leader In Disruptive Times

The Singapore Institute of Management and The Working Journey invite you to a short introductory session on Requisite Enterprise. The Session’s intent is to provide insights on designing, operating and leading an enterprise, gearing it towards increased effectiveness, resilience and sustainability.

Join us if you are considering changes in:

  • How your business is organised and decisions made
  • Approaches to innovation
  • How leaders lead day to day
  • Technology and Systems
  • Core processes and how the company is run
  • Approaches to talent and skills needed
  • Behaviours/mindsets

Register now to learn more about the highly researched scientific approach and proven practices to designing, developing and leading organisations in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and hyper-connected (VUCAH) world. world.

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Key Takeaways


Unravel the scientific approach

To organisational design, operations and leadership.


Learn to build

For resilience, sustainability and agility in a VUCAH environment.


Understand effective and proven strategies

For day-to-day leadership and building long-term resilience, used by leaders from small enterprises to large international organisations e.g. US Army, Britain’s National Health Service, Shell, Novus International, Insurance Australia Group and MTN, to mention a few.

Webinar Starts in

7 Oct 2020 (Wednesday) From 3pm - 5pm (SGT), 6pm - 8pm (AEDT) on Zoom
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What You Will Learn

Principles of Building A Flexible Structure

We know that the spine is central to physical well-being. Likewise, a Requisite Enterprise requires you to have a strong spine for organisational and individual effectiveness. A healthy organisational spine is made up of distinctly different themes of work for effective results.

The number of work themes that your organisation requires highly depends on external and internal complexities and the time span of your intent and strategies. No organisation is able to function effectively with missing, confused or incomplete themes. Learn how you can get your spine right to improve clarity of purpose and empower your teams to create conditions for success.

The Critical Aspect About People and Work

The capability to deal with the complexity of work is the lifeblood for a Requisite Enterprise. People need to feel valued and know that the work that they do is meaningful. If people are underutilised or overextended, it can have a significant impact on them and eventually organisational performance.

Human capability is an expression of an individual having the cognitive ability to handle the work complexities of their role, the requisite skilled knowledge and emotional maturity for relationships at work. Employee well-being is critical for performance and that comes with an effective structure, good people management and leadership.

Equipping Your Team With Basic ORGANISATIONAL Leadership Skills

Global research and experiential learning has shown us that there are certain basics that leaders must understand and practise. Understanding these competencies provides a common operating framework for your company, builds trust and a lingua franca for your employees.

The leadership competencies are built on common sense and are practical and relevant from the CEO to the frontline manager. For example, for work to be done, decisions need to be made quickly at the right time and place with the availability of requisite resources. Role design, including cross functional roles and clarity on authority and accountability is critical to achieve this.

The Speakers

The session will be presented by Andrew Olivier and Verena MacLean, partners at The Working Journey, a Requisite Enterprise consultancy, that has developed enterprises and businesses for clients across the world from Australia to Africa. They will share on proven models and practices on what and of what it takes to be a Requisite Enterprise. The Working Journey is an accredited trainer in the UNESCO approved programme, The UN Sustainable Goals education programme ‘SDG Multipliers’.

Andrew Olivier

Andrew is the Managing Partner and has set up a number of successful companies in his career. He has consulted with and advised many well-known public and private leaders. In 2003 Andrew published his book “The Working Journey” and in 2013, a second book, ‘Organisational Design - What your University Forgot to Teach You’. Andrew is a Board Trustee for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), a not-for-profit based in Scotland.

He is a member of the GEN Oceania and Asia Vision Council. He has a strong interest in entrepreneurship, sustainability and works in a number of countries at senior levels.

Verena MacLean

Verena is a founding member of The Working Journey. She was mentored by Professor Gillian Stamp and was one of four original CPA trainers worldwide. She is highly regarded by colleagues, clients and friends with extensive knowledge and understanding of the complexity based assessment methods.

Verena is Chair of the Board of a $50 million Eco-village project in Australia and has a deep interest in sustainability and ethical governance. She was the Talent Manager for the international telecommunications company, MTN, and was responsible for their flexible organisational structure and successful international talent management system (1996 – 2014).