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Dealing With Media Interviews & Crisis Communication Like A Pr Pro

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dealing with media interviews & crisis communication like a pr pro


This workshop allows you the opportunity to assess your ability to prepare for and deliver a successful media interview. It is suitable for those who are currently working in roles that require them to be a spokesperson on a regular basis or those who have never been interviewed before. You will be taught how to write and own your key message. Plus how to behave during media interviews in a variety of mediums. 

Participants will also respond to a crisis scenario pertaining to their organisation. Learning how to write, present & speak to the media during a crisis. Participants will be filmed as they take part in mock media interviews & briefings. Playback of recorded activities will maximize the learning for each participant.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes   

� Save money on advertising by allowing journalists to interview you thus providing them with content & you with free exposure for your organisation. 
� Save your organisation millions of dollars in lost revenue & consumer confidence by handling your crisis in a professional manner. 

Learning Outcomes   

� Write and own your key message. 
� Introduce your message into any interview conversation. 
� Draw your audience in. How to make memorable sound bites. 
� Handle difficult or sensitive questions. 
� Behave for a variety of mediums. 
� Write crisis media statement.
� Use social media during a crisis.
� Negotiate an ambush interview.
� Deliver crisis media statement in a standing media briefing.
� Conduct a formal crisis press conference.

Programme Outline

� Writing clear, credible messages for the media
� Using suitable hooks to get the attention of your target audience 
� Owning your message prior to and during the interview
� Tricks of the trade Media Dos & Don’ts
� Handling difficult or sensitive questions effortlessly
� Introducing your key message into any media conversation
� Media Presentation Skills 
� What different Mediums Need – Online, Print, Television, Radio 
� Record & playback media interviews with personalized critique & feedback
� Write a crisis media statement
� Use social media during a crisis.
� Negotiate an ambush interview.
� Deliver crisis media statement in a standing media briefing.
� Conduct a formal crisis press conference.
� Record & playback media interviews with personalized critique & feedback.    

Video/ Photography As part of the training and learning during this course, photography and/or video recording of participants in action will be done.

Who Must Attend
Level 3: New Managers
Level 4: Managers
Level 5: Senior Managers & Directors
Programme Leader
Paul Carr, B.Ed. Diploma of Teaching, Certificate of Leadership Skills, Certificate of Broadcasting, is a respected corporate communications consultant whose extensive experience in the media and background in education spans 25 years. Having worked as a journalist and senior news presenter at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and then as a news presenter at Mediacorp in Singapore, Mr Carr knows how to communicate effectively to a wide audience.
Mr Carr knows how the media works from the inside and offers his clients tested formulas and strategies that are based on his extensive experience as both a public and commercial broadcaster. His background in education allows him to impart his insights in ways that are creative, useful and easy to understand.
Mr Carr has lived in Singapore for 11 years and his insights as a communications consultant have been sought by local and multi-national companies, as well as government departments.

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