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Managing Upset Customers & Service Breakdowns
- Breaking Through the Old Mindset and Taking Action to Delight your Customers

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managing upset customers & service breakdowns


The success of many businesses relies on customer satisfaction and a loyal customer base. Dealing head-on with issues regarding an unhappy customer, or a customer service breakdown, proves crucial in keeping those loyal customers.

 ACT human have developed a solution that acknowledges that Service breakdowns can occur no matter how well you do your job.

Our solution:

1.       Addresses how to build a stronger more resilient service culture which will in turn reduce service breakdown frequency.

2.       Highlights how to turn a service breakdown into a fantastic opportunity to increase customer loyalty and propel the company forward as opposed to being problematic.

This solution enables service interface staff and service supervisors to better manage themselves and upset customers, take control of the situation by being assertive as opposed to being passive / aggressive and learn from mistakes and breakdowns.

Benefits to You

By the end of  a 2-Day ‘Managing Upset Customers & Service Breakdowns’ program, you will be able:

1   To agree on the benefits of superior service to the service providers themselves.

2   To consciously apply techniques to enhance you non-verbal communication so as to present yourself professionally and positively.

3   To manage the impact that customers’ expectations have on the perceived level of service.

4   To explain the hierarchy of customers’ expectations.

5   To consistently address the customer’s needs and concerns with tact and professionalism.

6   To understand consistently apply the ‘Superior Service Cycle’ on the telephone and when interacting face-to-face with customers.

7   To constructively manage upset customers and turn disagreements and challenges to your advantage.

8   To apply customer-focused language.

9   To apply practical and effective techniques to take control of and shift emotional states.

10  To avoid aggressiveness while being assertive.

11  To avoid recurrence of service breakdowns and enhance job enjoyment by getting first-hand customer information and using it for improvements in products and services.

Programme Outline
  1.         Learning Needs & Methodology – Application of accelerated learning

  2.         Mindset of a service leader

  3.         Superior service face-to-face - role-play

  4.         Self assessment 

  5.         Projecting a positive image through communication

  6.         The 12 skills of listening

  7.         Managing customer expectations

  8.         Managing your own emotions while managing upset customers - participants will be introduced to The ACT 8-Step Model   - Turning difficult situations around

  9.         Importance of ‘influential language’

  10.         Learning from service breakdowns

  11.         The 5 cs performance model

  12.         Application session and feedback

  13.         Personal Development Plan

As part of the training and learning during the course, photography and/or video-recording of participants in action will be done.

Who Must Attend
(Level 1) Admin & Support
(Level 2) Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers
Programme Leader

Paula Marcondes is the founder and principal consultant of a consultancy. Ms Marcondes is an insightful and dynamic consultant with 16 years of experience in corporate training and 5 years of experience in the executive coaching arenas conducting needs analysis, programme planning, curriculum development and facilitation of programmes in the areas of leadership and management development, business communications, sales and negotiation, professional image and customer service.

She has worked extensively with key players in the banking and finance, manufacturing, education, IT and electronics and pharmaceutical sectors - most of which are well-known multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies - and in the public sector - with government boards and government-owned organisations.



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