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Enterprise Risk Management - A Practical Approach
Changing the way Managers think about Enterprise Risk Management

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enterprise risk management - a practical approach


Business today, is characterized by change and presents challenges to anyone attempting to lead and manage a business. What was once a stable and predictable environment is today a global arena with new competitors, changing technology and shifting markets and fluctuating monetary conditions. All this has resulted in heightened and unprecedented emergence of Risks across the entire Business Spectrum. These Risks need to be Managed. This program demystifies the complexities of Enterprise Risk Management and provides you with practical skills through an experiential environment.

This 2-Day program is a powerful user-friendly primer for those wishing to learn more about Enterprise Risk Management. Rather than focus on any specific industry – the course covers extremely effective Enterprise Risk Management principles, tools and techniques -- that are universally applicable and can be adapted to a whole array of business environments

Benefits to You
     By attending the program participants will learn how to assess the Financial and non-Financial impact of Risk Events across the various Risk Categories. The Magnitude, Frequency and Probability of potential losses can be analysed to determine trends and provide for Risk Capital Allocation - in advance. The methodical cycle of Estimation of Risk Losses, Provision of Risk Capital and embedding Risk Mitigation techniques - leads to superior Financial and non-Financial performance.
  •       Understand the importance of Enterprise Risk Management from an Organizational and Strategic standpoint
  • Identify and define Risk Categories across the Organization
  • Learn Techniques and Tools to better Assess, Manage and Mitigate Risk across Departments, Functions and Divisions
  • Develop an insight into the Financial Impact of Risk Events
  • Design Risk Management Reporting Frameworks
  • Learn about major Risk Events that shook the world – from Financial Services, Manufacturing and other industries—and how we can safe-guard ourselves from such events
Programme Outline

  • The Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management
  • The Risk Spectrum
    • Market, Credit & Operational Risk
  • Key Risk Indicators
  • Risk Maps – Impact vs. Probability vs. Loss
  • Risk Management -- Practical Tools
    • Risk Self Assessments
    • Unit Control Checklists
    • Risk Controls & Testing
    • Risk Reporting
    • Internal & External Audit
    • Compliance & Control
    • Corrective Action Plans
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • The role of Ratings Agencies
    • Why Risk Ratings [still] Matter

      Who Must Attend

         Level 3: New Managers
         Level 4: Managers
         Level 5: Senior Managers & Directors

      This course is a meaningful and effective Guide on Enterprise Risk Management for a whole array of Managers:-

      �     -   Professionals, managers or executives who have to develop and implement Risk Management Frameworks

      �     -   Individuals who must develop Risk Management strategies for a business unit, subsidiary, division, and department or for the organization

      �     -   Managers from non-Risk functions who wish to enhance their understanding of Risk Management to help them perform their roles better

      Programme Leader

      Salman Ali Hyder is a globally accomplished interim management and business transformation specialist. He leads organisational initiatives on enhancing corporate performance and has a track record of successfully executing projects across a wide range of mission critical areas. These include: strategy (development, validation and deployment), change management (people, process and culture), business enablement (enhancement of productivity, efficiency, capability and competency), quality management (lean & 6-Sigma deployment and BPR), human capital management (talent management, learning & development and cross-cultural leadership), enterprise risk management, private equity and venture capital project advisory.

      Salman’s employers and clients consist of some of the best-known Fortune 500 brands in the banking & financial services, insurance, private equity, oil & gas, FMCG, BPO, TMT, consulting and education domains across North & Central America, Europe, Middle-East, South Asia and throughout Asia Pacific. Among the notable names areCitigroup, United Overseas Bank Group, ABN-AMRO, Standard Chartered, Oracle and Fajr Capital.

      Salman received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2009, BSc in Electrical Engineering and BSc in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1987.



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