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Build And Manage A Sales Pipeline That Converts!

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build and manage a sales pipeline that converts!


Sales professionals are facing greater challenges in achieving results due to increased competition, changes in buyers’ buying processes and behavior.  

It is crucial to develop a sales pipeline to stay on top of sales opportunities to grow your business. 
If a sales pipeline is developed and managed properly, it can help sales professionals forecast revenue by discerning how open prospects are during the stages of the pipeline, focusing on the appropriate actions they should take to optimise and close deals within a tight timeframe.

Benefits to You
  • Develop and manage an effective sales pipeline to drive revenue growth
  • Implement sales strategies and actions that are relevant to each of the prospects along thestages of the sales pipeline 
  • Develop an effective sales pipeline that links to customers’ buying cycle 

    Manage the sales pipelinefor Productivity, customer retention and performance

Programme Outline

·        Understand the Stages in Sales Pipeline Management

·        Align the Sales Pipeline Stages with Prospects’ Buying Process

·        Gain Qualified Leads and Opportunities

·        Set Sales Pipeline Goals, Metrics and Velocity to Drive Sales Performance

·        Grow the Sales Pipeline and Keep the Sales Funnel Full

·        Manage Sales Pipeline Strategy to Optimise Profitable Opportunities

Create a Personal Sales Pipeline Template for the Workplace

Who Must Attend

(Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers     
(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers

Programme Leader

Cecilia Sim believes strongly in growing people to grow business. She is highly enthusiastic and motivated in facilitating participants to uncover and develop their personal and professional potentials.  Being a practitioner, she engages participants in active learning through internalisation of process, strategies and skills of real-life cases.  Since 2000, she has helped thousands of individuals, team and organizations through self-discovery process to review, reflect their experiences and skills set for business results and professional development.  

Cecilia Sim has more than 25 years of extensive industry experiences in her previous roles as trainer/facilitator, sales consultant, assistant director, and general manager in various industries ranging from information technology, education, membership and management consulting. She has strong people skills and broad experience in facilitating sales training for hundreds of companies from various industries with local, regional and international presence.  The salesforce who attended her in-house sales training includes the CEO, VP of Sales (Asia Pacific) and local and regional sales professionals. Being a practitioner, Cecilia is well-versed with practical strategies when facilitating participants and highly effective in sharing real-life experiences, changing mindsets and motivating sales personnel for better results.

Cecilia holds a MBA from University of Adelaide, Australia, Bachelor of Business Administration (Honor, major in Management Information System) from Northeastern University, Boston, USA. She also holds the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), and WSQ Certified trainer for Service Professional (CSP) trainer, trainer for GEMS (going the extra miles). She is a certified KPI professional by KPI institute.


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