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2014 Programme Schedule
Funded Programme Listing

Leading End-to-End Organisational Change (Coming Soon)

Programme Overview

The 2-day workshop explores approaches to effective leadership within the leading change field. It studies effective leaders who know how to catalyze and support positive changes in structure, products & services, organizational culture and people. The workshop adopt the "inside-out" approach by first looking at oneself as a leader and then using proven frameworks and tools to lead change.

The program will equip participants with the competencies and strategies to lead change in the organization successfully.

  • Identify and develop their leadership styles and preferences in leading change through the framework of the Hogan Assessments - The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) and The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
  • Identify organizational change and the forms it can take
  • Apply Kotter's Eight Step Process recommended for implementing change successfully
  • Outline Lewin's model of change and integrate it with Kotter's framework into a master framework
  • Identify how a leader or manager can promote change and how to go about doing it
  • Discuss resistance to change and how to overcome it
  • Apply the five-step ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement) model for change management
  • Sharpen their skills in coaching for change

  • A key outcome of the workshop will be the participants' action plan for facilitating the transitional aspects of an actual organizational change effort in the workplace.

    Dynamic Planning and Execution for Managers (Coming Soon)

    Programme Overview

    Past models of management are giving way to new dynamic planning and execution approaches that encourage future thinking and capability innovation.

    The pace of business is moving at an unprecedented rate. Organisations are challenged to keep abreast of changing demand of customers and new ways of conducting their businesses. Organisations that embrace fresh approaches in planning and execution will thrive in this new economy that is continuously shaped by global competition and digital revolution.

    To effectively rethink and execute swiftly, a new set of disciplines is needed. To develop these disciplines, you will need to have the skills to address the following questions:

  • What can we do to think and see differently?
  • How to challenge current assumptions in the organisation?
  • What information do we need to make timely decision?
  • How to quickly implement new strategies?
  • How to lead and empower teams to deliver results?
  • How to promote good governance to mitigate the risks of change?
  • Innovative Problem Solving and Decision Making for Managers (Coming Soon)

    Programme Overview

    Thinking about all the problems we face today, have they become so complex that we are unable to find optimal solutions to resolve them? Many problems in our organizations come about as a result of less than stellar decisions made in the past. Why is it that we were not able to solve them and they keep coming back? Are we are only solving the symptoms and not the root cause? Are we using the same tried before strategies to solve these problems? Do we need new ideas and ways of resolving them?

    Quoting Albert Einstein who said "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them", it is now time for us to change our thinking patterns and look at new and innovative ways to resolve problems and make decisions for greater effectiveness.

    This 3 day program will equip participants with strategies on how to create an environment which fosters a new and innovative approach to problem solving and decision making. They will exposed to processes, tools and key takeaways to help them be more effective in this area. The steps and actions presented are clear and practical ones but also ones that can have a strong overall positive impact.

  • Create and nurture an innovative organizational environment to produce novel ideas and solutions
  • Instil a culture of innovation and continuous improvement among people
  • Identify principles of creativity and imagination to increase productivity and innovation
  • Use problem solving techniques to address issues as a team or group
  • Identify areas of deficiency and analyse the root cause(s) for them
  • Work together to generate creative solutions to resolve the root cause
  • Use good decision making processes to get the best out of your decisions
  • Make optimal decisions using information and criteria that take into account the feasibility and impact of the solutions
  • Implement solutions and analyse their effectiveness making corrective actions as required
  • Ensure that the solution is used and implemented effectively as part of the organization's process and polices
  • Understand the implications of risk and develop an effective risk management program to develop strategies against its impact
  • Developing and Engaging Your Team for Workplace Success

    Programme Overview

    Effective workplace communication is essential for business success today.It is an art that every manager must learn in order to lead and blend in a team, and help the company grow to new heights.

  • Encourage teamwork and foster commitment and sense of belong among team members
  • Assess barriers to group interaction and communication, establish infrastructure to facilitate knowledge management and work team coaching
  • Lead workplace communication by evaluating and identifying gaps and barriers arising from organisation culture and diversity
  • Apply and develop negotiation strategies for effective communicative skills and achieving win-win outcomes
  • Implement consistent and effective communication strategies and mechanisms within the organisation
  • Developing Self Effectiveness for Business Performance

    Programme Overview

    This programme aims at building a team leader's own competency and capability in aligning performance to that of the organisation while leading the team members in achieving the organisational goals.

  • Understand and align personal and teams' KPIs to organizational goals
  • Setting KPIs and self appraisal of performance
  • Decision making as a team for successful outcomes
  • Increase confidence in communicating effectively, learn to motivate and influence stakeholders
  • Learn how to decision make as a team for successful outcomes and apply basic negotiation skills and techniques
  • Mastering Personal Effectiveness and Emotional Competence

    Programme Overview

    What makes a person effective? Personal effectiveness is having both the aptitude and attitude to reach one's full potential and maximise contribution to organisational goals. Participants will learn how to make the most of their personal resources - their personal talents, energy and time - to be the best of who they can be.

  • Evaluate personal goals and align them to your organisational goals
  • Complete a personal SWOT analysis and how it can be used to contribute towards organisational success
  • Work effectively with others in a business context to achieve organisational goals. Build bonds and create a happy, productive work environment
  • Manage your time and resources effectively to achieve goals
  • Identify suitable work-life balance strategies and programmes to achieve personal as well as organisational goals
  • Optimise productivity while maintaining a work-life balance
  • Learn to assess emotional intelligence of self and others, and identify ways to increase its level
  • Apply emotional intelligence to guide thinking and actions and to influence and persuade others to achieve a win-win outcome
  • Terms and Conditions | Registration and Payment

    Terms and Conditions

    Eligibility for Funding

  • Must be Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore
  • Achieve a minimum of 75% programme attendance
  • Must achieve a "Competent" status at the end of the programme
  • Participants agree with SIM Professional Development to jointly track training outcomes in evaluating the effectiveness of the programmes

  • Absentee Payroll Funding

  • Information on eligibility criteria and support amount can be found on https://www.skillsconnect.gov.sg/

  • Enhanced training support for SME Funding

  • SME pays nett programme fees to SIM.
  • SME must submit claim via SkillsConnect upon programme completion for reimbursement of the 20% additional course fee funding and enhanced absentee payroll funding

  • WSQ Certification

  • A Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded to programme participants by WDA upon successful completion of the programme with at least 75% attendance and have achieved a "Competent" Status for assessments
  • Registration and Payment


  • Please register via SIM Professional Development online portal http://cas.sim.edu.sg/
  • Registration is subject to availability of seats and on first-come-first-serve basis

  • Payment

  • All cheques/bank drafts must be made payable to 'Singapore Institute of Management', crossed and marked 'A/C payee only' with the course title(s) indicated on the back of the cheques
  • Upon receipt of payment, an official receipt will be issued to you. Please retain your official receipt. An administrative fee of $5.35 (inclusive of 7% GST) will apply for each reprint request

  • Deferment

  • Request for deferment has to be submitted in writing 14 days prior to commencement of programme, after which 25% of course fee will be chargeable. If no notification is received by commencement date, the full programme fee will be charged
  • Deferment is allowed only once and has to be completed within 6 months from the first registered session

  • Refund of Fees

  • 100% refund for written notification 14 days before commencement
  • 75% refund for written notification within 14 days before commencement
  • No refund given for no show after commencement

  • Programme Reschedule/Cancellation

  • SIM Professional Development reserves the right to cancel/reschedule the programme due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Programme is subject to minimum number of participants to commence
  • Enquiries

    6248 9457
    SIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue, Singapore 267616.
    Working hours:
    8.30am - 5.30pm (Mon to Fri)
    Complimentary parking available at the white lots within the car-park and along the driveway.

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