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Strategic Distributor Management Kungfu!

Participants will be equipped with practical tools and ideas to improve their relationship with distributors and motivate them to sell their product and/or service more effectively and efficiently.


Benefits to You

  • Be more effective in managing your distribution network and increase your sales
  • Provide a proactive service to your distributors that will get them wanting to distribute your product/service even more
  • Better understand the different personality profiles of people so as to more effectively communicate with your distributors and get things done right and fast.


Programme Outline

  1. Experiential learning: “Vineyard Express”
    1. An action learning activity that brings out the importance of network relationships and teamwork required to run an effective distribution network
  2. Reflecting on the current challenges faced in managing distributor networks
    1. Case study discussions
    2. Reflecting on your own experiences: the success factors in running an effective distributor network
    3. The challenges and issues faced: reasons and recommended solutions
  3. Identifying issues with your distributor
    1. Understanding the work challenges faced by your distributors
    2. Using the PAUSE technique to turn a “No” into a “Yes
    3. Helping distributors to help you
  4. Introducing the Strategic Distributor Management Kungfu
    1. Definition of kungfu
    2. How does kungfu relate to strategic distributor management
    3. The basics and definition of strategic distributor management
  5. Managing your relationship with your distributors
    1. What makes a good distributor for your products and services
    2. Understanding your distributors using “True Colors©” Personality Profiling Tool
    3. Treat others the way you like to be treated vs.Treat others the way they like to be treated
  6. Don’t sell to your distributors, help them buy!
    1. Understand the needs of your distributors and what motivates them
    2. Effective questioning through LEARN technique to get them to say what is on their mind
    3. How to pick up verbal cues and understand the customers’ innermost thoughts
    4. Understanding facts vs. feelings: not making assumptions
  7. The power of influencing your distributors
    1. Experiential learning activity: “Knot or Not?”
    2. Identifying your own influencing style
    3. Learning how to influence your distributors effectively others using “pull vs. pull” techniques
    4. Linking back to the core values in True Colors© Personality Profiling
  8. Coaching your distributors to enhance their performance
    1. GROW Coaching technique
    2. Helping distributors to discover their full potential in marketing your product/service
    3. Getting distributors’ commitment to deliver what they promise
  9. Putting it together
    1. The distributor game
    2. Putting learning into practice
  10. SMART Planning
    1. Recapping and reflecting
    2. Closing circle to share your greatest take away from the programme
    3. Personal Action Planning (PAP) on areas to do differently to improve distributor management
    4. Workshop feedback


Who Must Attend
This programme is aimed at distributor managers and sales personnel who work closely with resellers and other third party service providers.


Programme Leader

This programme will be conducted by:

Maxine Teo is a tri-lingual corporate facilitator, trainer and coach with a passion for colourfully impacting lives™ over 15 years of training experience working with diverse teams across Asia.

Ms Teo has a knack of turning complicated concepts into practical and fun applications. Coming from years of working in the financial services industry, she shares her experience and knowledge in Sales and Client Relationship topics like Effective Communication, Advisory Sales, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills and Customer Service Excellence. The skills imparted are especially applicable to relationship based industries like finance and banking, insurance, real estate and retail. Industrial and chemical industries have also benefited from her training. Maxine graduated with merit from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

She holds a Professional Diploma in Training & Development, a Professional Certificate in Designing & Facilitating Experiential Learning and accreditations in various personality profiling tools like True Colors©.

Date : Please call for information.
Venue : SIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue 
Time : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm unless otherwise stated.
Fee :
Strategic Distributor Management Kungfu
Category SIM Member Fee  (S$) Non-Member Fee  (S$)
Fee/Pax (S$) GST (S$) Total Fee (S$) Fee/Pax (S$) GST (S$) Total Fee (S$)
Early Bird Fee (payment by - please see notes below) 585.00 40.95 625.95 675.00 47.25 722.25
Normal Fees 650.00 45.50 695.50 750.00 52.50 802.50
Programme Date (6 & 7 May 2015) - payment by 25 Mar 2015
Programme Date (7 & 8 Oct 2015) - payment by 26 Aug 2015
Enquiries : 6248 9411  exec@sim.edu.sg
Non-members are welcome to sign up for SIM membership to enjoy the discounted rate. To sign up for SIM Membership, please visit www.sim.edu.sg/ms, email membership@sim.edu.sg or call 6248 9489. To register for the programmes now, select the preferred programme run-dates below through the mouse icon. "Click to Register", which will bring you to the registration page.





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