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Creativity & Innovation
Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats Method®


Dr Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®: A communication tool for effective decision making and team thinking.
  • A powerful tool for achieving quality thinking, problem solving and decision making.
  • User/s (individual or team) are required to move away from stubborn limited perspectives of an issue by being required to use the other modes of thinking which offer different aspects of the issue under review.
  • The users are required to consider aspects of an issue even if they contradict their existing perspectives on the matter.
  • Participants will be required to apply the newly acquired insights into the method both to hypothetical situations as well as to selected issues from their own backyard. This will allow for customised learning applications.
The GREEN HAT will include some preliminary insights into the nature and principles of Creativity. Participants will also be introduced to a simple but powerful method of generating new ideas for innovative applications.


Benefits to You

Business Outcomes

· Participants can expect better business outcomes resulting from more realistic GOAL identification, more COMPLEAT understanding of situations; better competitive STRATEGY formulations, new CREATIVE ways to increase market share by proactively becoming leaders than just mere competitors leading ultimately to increased revenue and better profit margins.

Organisational Outcomes

· More cohesive workforce because decisions factor in good and realistic thinking of the workforce.

· Better understanding and buy in from participants in the thinking process at both managerial and workforce level.

· When used with clients and partners, the Six Thinking Hats® allows better understand of their views and requirements leading to better value service and deliverables.

· Allows business owners, managers and team leaders to effectively tap the thinking potential of all involved this capitalizing on the FULL THINKING POTENTIAL available.

· The Six Thinking Hats® is the meeting tool par excellence. It promotes team thinking by engaging the working to work together from the most fundamental level of human activity - THINKING.


Learning Outcomes

· Understand the rationale for the need to use the Six Thinking Hats® to think over serious issues. (Based on de Bono’s research at Harvard into the workings of the human brain published in the book “Mechanism of Mind”).

· Learn the function of each of the Six Thinking Hats® and the situations in which their application becomes necessary.

· Learn to construct SEQUENCES to structure meetings resulting in great TIME SAVINGS and relevant thinking. (SEQUENCES refer to the number of hats required and the order in which they are to be used).

· Learn to use the hats to overcome objections based on personal biases and turf protection syndromes.

· Learn to use the WHITE HAT to manage information gathering and utilization.

· Allows better management of meetings so that KEY issues are addressed appropriately and clearer decisions are arrived at.

· Allows the user to identify the type of thinking dominating the table and channel participants to the thinking mode required.

· Clearly identify trade-offs and implications (YELLLOW & BLAK HATS) when developing competitive strategies (GREEN HAT).



Programme Outline

  • Brief introduction to the METHOD as necessary software for the brain (HARDWARE) to maximise use of the individual and group thinking potential.
  • Brief introduction to the meaning and function of each of the SIX HATS.
  • Learning to SEQUENCE the hats for specific outcomes.
  • Learning the function of each hat in DETAIL – application to selected FOCUSES.
  • Learning to use the RANDOM INPUT TECHNIQUE to generate new thinking and going beyond brainstorming.
  • Practice in using the Six Hats in a meeting situation


Who Must Attend

Level 2 - Supervisors, Executives, & Emerging Managers
Level 3 - New Managers &
Level 4 - Managers
and persons responsible for facilitating the thinking of groups or teams and anyone who wishes to acquire a quality thinking management technique.


Programme Leader

This programme will be conducted by one of the following leaders:

Sir Dr Peter Low and Mrs Linda Low are directors of their own consultancy firm. They have more than 21 years of experience in introducing Dr Edward de Bono’s methods to more than 500 major corporations and government agencies.

Both Sir Dr  Peter Low and Mrs Linda Low were among the first 12 to be personally trained by Dr de Bono. On account of their phenomenal success with more than 2,000 seminars to their credit, they were appointed by Dr de Bono as Lifetime Certified Master Trainers and have been acknowledged by him as his “best trainers internationally”. Only 4 persons in the de Bono international network of more than 1600 trainers were awarded this accreditation. They oversee the de Bono network operations in Asia.

Their more than 500 clients include: AXA Life Insurance,  Citibank Singapore, Credit Suisse, Defence Science and Technology Agency,  Fujitsu Asia, Housing & Development Board, Infineon Technologies, Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Health, National University of Singapore, PSA Corporation Limited, Singapore Navy, Singapore Press Holdings, SingTel, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, Hong Kong Hospital Authority,  Daimler Chrysler, Hong Kong Police Force, Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, Manulife International, PCCW, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal, Ministry of Urban Development (Sri Lanka) and Yum Restaurants (Thailand).

Daphne Lim is a Certified Instructor with Edward de Bono Training Pte Ltd, the Regional Centre in Asia for Edward de Bono Thinking Methods, and de Bono Thinking Systems, the organisation officially appointed by Dr de Bono to advance his thinking methods worldwide. Her training experience spans across diverse sectors including banking and finance, communications and media, information technology, electronics, education, transport and logistics, and government agencies. She has provided training in countries across Asia including Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Her lively and effective training style consistently receives excellent feedback, especially on her depth of knowledge, her clarity in presentation, and the enjoyable way in which she conducts her workshops. Clients regularly seek follow-up sessions to her courses. She holds a Masters Degree from Oxford University where she read Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Distinction). Her study at Oxford University was sponsored through a scholarship for outstanding individuals awarded by the Singapore Economic Development Board. She was also a recipient of the Public Service Commission Humanities Scholarship.

Venue : SIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue 
Time : 9:00 - 17:00
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Programme Date - (19 & 20 March, 2015) - payment by 05 February 2015
Programme Date - (15 & 16 April, 2015) - payment by 5 March 2015
Programme Date - (29 & 30 June, 2015) - payment by 19 May 2015
Programme Date - (25 & 26 August, 2015) - payment by 15 July 2015
Programme Date - (22 & 23 October, 2015) - payment by 11 September 2015
Programme Date - (30 November & 1 December, 2015) - payment by 20 October 2015
Enquiries : 62489418  exec@sim.edu.sg

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