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Advanced Management Programmes
The Job Of The Chief Executive
“Meeting the Strategic Challenge” – Led by renowned faculty members from the School of Management of the University at Buffalo (UB), State University of New York (SUNY), US


A CEO plays multiple roles – a strategist, a negotiator, a motivator and an innovator.


But  the most important role of a CEO is to lead the development and execution of a successful competitive strategy. And you will need unique skills and competencies to succeed in this role.


Recognising that organisations are just as likely to fail from bad execution as from the wrong strategy today, this exclusive programme will enhance your strategic leadership skills by examining the two dimensions of strategy development and strategy execution.


Benefits to You

·        Exclusively reserved for the top management
·        Sessions led by one of world’s leading authorities on the topic

·        Learn from real-world relevance and effectiveness

·        Opportunities to apply lessons to your own companies

·        Asian dimension in each module


Programme Outline

Creating Competitive Advantage

·        Discovering and capturing blue oceans

·        Fighting and winning red ocean battles


Designing Growth Strategies

·        Identifying grown options

·        Assessing the growth options

·        Implementing the chosen growth strategy


Designing Global Strategy

·        Building an international or global presence

·        Leveraging an international or global presence


Building Business Strategy

·        Developing the business and product line strategy

·        Recognising key successful organisational attributes

·        Winning the future with your leaders and workforce


Creating Strategic Capabilities

·        Inspiring greatness and excellence

·        Re-evaluating the current talent pool


Reviewing Strategic Positions

·        Creating value

·        Reviewing the positions that create value


Identifying Strategic Talent

·        Taking stock of the strategic talent inventory

·        Identifying and closing talent gaps


Negotiating Successful Strategy Execution

·        Understanding “Negotiation Success”

·        Tactics and strategies for claiming value

·        Tactics and strategies for creating value

·        Negotiating strategic alliances in China


Building a sustainable ecosystem for Innovation and Change

·        Role of the CEO and top management team

·        X-teams and organisational innovation

·        Organisation innovation and change in Asia

·        Promoting knowledge sharing and innovation

·        Managing and leading organisation change

·        Making innovation and organisational change sustainable


Who Must Attend

  • Chairpersons
  • CEOs
  • Presidents
  • Managing Directors
  • Executive Directors
  • Executive Vice Presidents
  • Senior Vice Presidents
  • Managing Partners
  • General Managers
  • Business unit or country managers in Asia


Programme Leader

This programme will be conducted by International Faculty Members.

Date : Please call for information.
Venue : SIM Management House
41 Namly Avenue 
Time : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm unless otherwise stated.
Fee :
S$16,050.00 (SIM Members/Non-members)
(inclusive of 7% GST)
Early Bird Discount - S$13,500.00
(Register and Pay by May 13, 2014)
Enquiries : 6248 9414  exec@sim.edu.sg





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